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Airport take-off and landing slot allocations

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12/4/2017 2:10:30 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
I'm currently writing an assignment for my economics class that discusses the issues regarding the current system of allocating take-off and landing slots to airlines. One of the big issues with the system is that airlines are currently sending out "dummy flights" that have no passengers on-board to ensure that they keep their landing slot.

I was wondering if airlines are allowed to rent the slots they own to other airports. I've found several reports that discuss using auctions and others methods for allocating the slots, however, these all seem to harm the smaller airlines who don't have as much capital as the larger ones. By allowing airlines to rent their slots, the smaller firms could make use of them and the larger airlines would still hold them for future use.

Are airlines allowed to rent their landing slots? If not, has anyone read any journals that suggest this as a solution? And, finally, what are your personal opinions on the topic?