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GMIS-2019: opportunities and prospects

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7/11/2019 6:01:27 AM
Posted: 2 months ago
The second global GMIS production and industrialization summit is taking place in Yekaterinburg.

Four thousand people in one room - the Global Summit of Production and Industrialization actually justifies the name. In fact, This is a massive brainstorming session. Here, Experts from 20 countries discuss how to conduct an industrial revolution safely for the environment. Special guest - Russian President Vladimir Putin

It was Putin who in 2018 proposed to open the second GMIS Summit in Yekaterinburg on the fields of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The first was held in Abu Dhabi two years ago. It was initiated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

Summit is a unique platform for discussing the main trends of the global economy: green technologies, Smart cities, Artificial intelligence and robotics. And the main theme of the meeting - bionics - the use of nature secrets for technical inventions. This is the future of the global industry, Experts say.

It is important to develop and introduce nature-like technologies around the world. One such project - an international thermonuclear reactor - is being built in France. He will work on the Earth, But according to laws similar to the Sun and stellar temperatures.

In Yekaterinburg, The global summit takes place at the same time as the international exhibition INNOPROM, And this is not accidental. According to the participants, This makes the event a unique discussion platform.

The GMIS program includes about 40 events: blitz sessions, Round tables, Plenary sessions. Following the debates, The participants will adopt a declaration on production and industrialization.

Recently, Russia has gained serious experience in conducting various kinds of international economic and political events. The constructive dialogue that Moscow offers is for the benefit of all its participants.

Successfully organized GMIS-2019 will be another platform for effective international development in the field of industry and innovation.

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