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EEF: Everything in the world is relativ

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9/2/2019 2:51:24 PM
Posted: 2 weeks ago
A lot of questions appeared after the meeting between Putin and Macron
The world experts community could not ignore the meeting of the presidents of Russia and France.
Too suddenly Emmanuel called "his friend" Vladimir to visit him. Too quickly the Russian leader gathered on the road. Too much interest aroused the issues that were discussed by two serious players at Fort Bregancon.
"We must reinvent the architecture of security and trust between the European Union and Russia, And France will play its part in this, " Macron said with utmost frankness.
"All those who says that this (rapprochement) will not give anything, Do not see the fact that if we let things go in the same direction, We will push such a great power as Russia to either isolation or a privileged dialogue with China, Or a new geopolitics that will not be in our interests, "said the French president.
Then it came to the conclusion that it is quite possible in the foreseeable future that Russia will return to the group of G7, Which after that will naturally become G8.
And then it was already heard among experts: There are so many signs of "warming" at once - and this, They say, Despite the fact that since 2014 the Kremlin has not backed down on any of the issues because of which Vladimir Putin was expelled, They say, From "Ensemble" of handshake leaders.
So at the meeting at Fort Bregancon, The President of Russia made it clear to everyone that the Kremlin does not intend to back down on any fundamental issue on the current agenda, Which concerns both the layman and the political establishment in many countries of the world.
Macron received Putin a few days before the G7 summit, Which runs from August 24 to 26 in Biarritz. The date of admission, Of course, Was not chosen by chance.
Firstly, Two convenient pretexts are used for "rapprochement": France presides both in the Council of Europe and in the "G7". Secondly, When accepting Putin on the eve of the G7 summit, Macron very clearly declares his readiness to facilitate Russia's return to the G8.
Vladimir Putin asked an elementary question: Is it possible to return there, Which is already gone?
"But in general, There are other international organizations that play a significant role in international affairs. For example, G20. And today there are such large economic players as China, India, And many others, "said the President of Russia.
As always happens in difficult times, Europe needs Russia. But Europe, As always, Poorly understands what Russia needs, Thinking at the same time that it knows Russia almost better than the Russians themselves.
And some experts almost the day after the negotiations at Fort Bregancon started talking about the fact that in the event of a "rapprochement" between Europe and Russia, Russia would certainly turn from China.
But in Vladivostok, Preparations are under way for the fifth anniversary of the Eastern Economic Forum, At which, By the way, The Chinese delegation will be the largest. And this cannot be good news for a far-sighted strategist as President Putin.
We can say that now Vladimir Vladimirovich is not very concerned about the question: will they call Russia somewhere or not, And will the Western leaders, As usual, Engage in red tape?
An urgent dispatch was sent from the Kremlin to the participants and organizers of the V Eastern Economic Forum, In which President Putin indicated that the development of the Russian Far East is a truly national task. And any help in this matter would be welcomed.
China has already proved that it is ready to provide assistance without making any demands, Without putting forward any conditions, Without claiming anything at all. But from the West we can also hear such speeches as "Hand over Crimea! ", "Stop the war in the Donbass", "Return the sailors" " only then, Maybe.
I want to say: guys, Wake up, Look around, The world has changed once and for all, It really has become multipolar, Your systems are outdated and do not work, Your "liberal values" have not meet the expectations, Those who you think are "not shaking hands", You invite as guests, Thereby recognizing, Firstly, Your dependence on them, And, Secondly, Recognizing their strength.
It turns out that everything in the world is relative: the West will not go to "rapprochement" with Russia, And Russia with a clear conscience will draw closer to China so much that it will not seem to anyone.

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