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Ethical stories are the basis of child life

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7/11/2019 6:48:18 PM
Posted: 2 months ago
India is the center of many civilizations and culture. The country is divided into states. States have their own languages. Many a state is mainly Hindi speaking language. Hindi is the national language of the country, It is spoken and understood all over the country. There is also the importance of other languages in the country, But the importance of Hindi is highest.

In the story compilation, The legendary stories in Hindi language-speaking regions have been presented for children in simple and accessible language. Since all of these stories are from Hindi speaking territories, So the background of these stories is also revealed.

These are stories that have been reaching from one another to the other in the state. These stories are very similar to children's child psychology. In every story there is attraction and there is also some ethical education. Stories teach that good work is good at all times - truth, Love, Loyalty - whether it is for the king, People or parents, Relatives, Brothers, And sisters should follow it.

In the moral stories, There is also information that intelligence works from bad to worse. In front of intelligence, The powers of capable and capable people such as Raja, Prime Minister, And Senapati also kneel down. The wise person uses his intelligence in bad deeds, Of course, For some time he is making a cause of distress for the people, But one day he realizes that he should use his wisdom in good deeds to make the country and country Could have the welfare of people

The full stories of intelligence have been prominently placed in different collections so that children's child psychology and intellect can be developed.

These stories, Which are full of interesting things, They have such a knowledge of knowledge that children like not only read well and get policy education and knowledge.

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