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Clash of DDO: SZN 1 EPI 1: The Kingdom Falls

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12/17/2017 5:56:32 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
Jan 1st, 2018.

The royal family in Ddoland has been assassinated. No one knows who had done it, but leaving no successor, the entire empire crumbles into the ashes of war. No government rule, there can only be wise leaders in each state that will fight for control over the Ddolands.

This starts the War of Power

-insert epic music-

May 12th 2018. The Tufness kingdom has been the dominant one in this time. He has made allies with the Duds and the Vaarkans which are rising with great power and authority in these lands all fighting a common enemy. The Mullins.

The Mullins are irrational, incompetent, and confusing the enemies with their outrageous philosophies, led by the craziest of them all BryanMullins.


May 14th 2018. TUF, Vaarka, and Dudz come together at the Palace of Authoriteh to discuss foreign relations.

"These Covenants are displaying the lacking of intelligence to my wonderful kingdom. They insult me everywhere I go. Even when i was stopping the mafia force in the Tufness kingdom." exclaimed TUF.

"I agree." replied Dudz. "He has almost tried to impeach me by completely screwing up his name. It's not Convey, it's Coveny. Guess what? I don't care. Your authority is not superior."

"Shall us gentlemen agree on the common enemy?" asked Vaarka.

"Yes." replies TUF and Dudz.

And so the common enemy has been settled.
June 8th 2018, Airmaximan

"Sir. The Endi's are taking over the west side." replied nobel servant #55
"God da*n it! Those stupid liberals will ruin my precious reign of superiority!" replied Airmax
"What shall we do your greatness?"
'I want all my military to attack them immediately! NOW."
June 10th 2018, Supa Kingdom.

"My father is very ill. He needs treatment. Please join us for a moment of silence." exclaimed Dudz

"Hey no one gives a shlt!" replied a pathetic man.
"Who are thee you foolish bast*rd!" answered Dudz.
"I am Unstobbale, governor of the the city Stoppable! I wan't to revolt against you."
"You bloody idiot. We're mourning my father and you decide to mock me eh."
"Yea I did. Because I have no soul like my city."
"Exactly. I got allies everywhere. What do you have you great buffoon."
"My insults will ravish thee."
"Dare you insult my father?"
"Yes I dare. Your personal info doesn't need to be shared throughout the alliance."
"Indeed it does. I declare war on every living soul in Stoppable. You a great mistake buddy."
"Be gone you tw*t."
July 21st 2018.

The Mharmaic Empire is continuing to grow with limitations. It's military is removed during the summer making it vulnerable to deadly attacks. It has been labeled to be a failure Empire that will crumble.

"What's that over the horizon?" exclaimed Mharman. Mharman looked out his handy telescope and saw a bunch of naval ships coming.

"Oh no the idiot's are coming."
July 22nd. Vaarkania

Supreme Leader Vaarka looked over the horizon with Dudz and TUF and saw something interesting. Bunches of naval ships.

"What could that be?" asked TUF
"Oh no." whispered Dudz
"What's the matter?" asked TUF

'The spammers are coming." shouted Dudz.
End of Episode 1
Plot by me
Everything by me
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12/17/2017 8:10:10 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
Ey I made it into a fanfic for more than a mention
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