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By the Light of the Moon Chapter 2 Part 1

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5/19/2013 12:26:27 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Chapter 1:

He was drifting in an endless void, nothing around him, nothing to fix his gaze on and gain his bearings. Yet, he was oddly at peace. His mind was utterly calm, and he didn't have a care at all, after all, what was their to care about when there was simply nothing?

He floated for what seemed an eternity, was he dead? He came to the conclusion that he likely was. He clearly recalled the wolves approaching him as he sat leaning against his car... Was this how it was going to be from now on? Would he just drift onwards infinitely? Or would he eventually arrive at some place, some thing... some where?

Suddenly he heard something, a faint whisper, barely discernible.

"Hello?" He cried out into the void, "is there anyone out there? Can you hear me too? Where the hell am I?"

There was no response in return, just, silence. Then he heard the whisper again, slightly louder this time, still indiscernible. It was steadily growing louder, he could tell at this point that it wasn't a whisper, but a crackle, like wood burning.

He began to feel a warmth surround him, heating his body. It was pleasant, an intense sensation in this void of near lack of anything sensory. Off in the distance his gaze caught onto a glimmer, a dim sparkle of orange florescence.

The crackle was still rising in intensity, the light drawing closer. What was happening? Was this the light that people referred to in near-death experiences? Was he going to face his judgement?

The crackle was now a deafening road, the orange light blinding, he could feel himself picking up speed, as if he were being sucked towards this light. It felt as if his body were being torn apart minuscule bit by bit. Pain everywhere, encompassing, agonizing pain coursing through every fibre of his being. Until finally...

He jolted awake, screaming in pain. Instinctively attempting to stand up. His leg burst in an explosion of agony, and he collapsed to the floor, writhing in excruciating pain.

He suddenly stopped as his mind finally processed exactly what was happening. Wait? The floor? But, he had just been, wasn't he dead? Was this heaven? Hell? Was he still alive? His thoughts were a jumbled mess of incomplete thoughts. The floor certainly felt real, it was wooden, oak it seemed, smooth and varnished, cool to the touch.

He looked around, examining his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was. It looked like he was in the den of house or, actually more of a cabin. The walls were composed of logs, and the entire room had a very rustic appearance. He was on the floor beside a very large, brown sofa, in between that and a, by all appearances, hand made cherry coffee table. A bear skin rug was lain out on the floor on the other side of the coffee table. The head of the bear stuffed and staring back at him, with lifeless, gaunt eyes. A fire was crackling in the fireplace, adding a slight, pleasant , smoky aroma to the room.

He slowly, all the while struggling to do so, climbed back onto the couch, and once on, continued examining the room. Various animal heads hung as adornments around the room. Lions, tigers, bears, bucks, boar, simply a wide variety. The most noticeable was a bucks head, huge antlers, easily ten pointer, hung above the mantle of the fireplace. The most striking feature of it, was that its coat, was completely white. Yet, its eyes, though likely fake, if they were the same color as they were when it was alive, were not red, but rather, a striking, deep blue.

He shivered staring at it, as it appeared as if it were staring directly at him. Almost as if it were a gargoyle atop a church, silently guarding the premises. Looking away he examined himself, recollecting the injuries he had suffered in the earlier accident. His leg was bandaged thoroughly, a splint running nearly the entire length of his leg. It had the appearance of being professionally done. He raised his hand to his head, and felt bandages once more wrapped around a majority of it, covering the large gash.

Grabbing the crutches, he used them to stand up, putting the entirety of his weight onto them. They held firm, and he began hobbling around the room, taking a closer look at the adornments upon the wall. That's when he saw a portrait.

It was of a family, likely a husband and wife, and a small boy, at most six years of age. The husband was handsome, short brown hair, and piercing gray eyes. His features were well chiseled, and even in picture medium, had an aura of intense strength about him. The small boy had certainly inherited his fathers appearance, as even at that young age, was strikingly similar in features, even with the same gray eyes.

The wife, and his heart began to race and his breath quickened as he examined her in the portrait, was strikingly, maddeningly beautiful. Long raven hair with a full lustrous sheen. Smooth, almost porcelain like skin, nary an imperfection save for a small mole on her left cheek. By god, he thought to himself, she is the image of perfection. Like a goddess in human form. Her most striking feature though, was a pair of deep, soulful blue eyes. He knew that if he were to look at them face to face, that he would be lost forever staring into them. It was as if, even in the portrait, the eyes were stealing away his soul by the moment, captivating him and voiding his thoughts of all else in the world but her. How long he stood there, staring, he did not know. Seconds, minutes, hours? Time seemed a nonexistent concept...

"I see you finally woke up," a soft, beautiful, angel-like voice rang out from behind him, "its good to see you up and around, I was worried that you were too far gone to save."

He turned around, and his eyes flew wide in shock, mouth agape, in front of him stood the woman from the portrait!
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5/19/2013 7:49:12 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I bet being in his position, I'd be just as confused too, but probably more fearful..
Wow!! He made it!! What away to wake up to seeing though all around you.. I'd be freaked out if I woke to seeing dead animals heads with their beady lifeless eyes staring back at me though... What a descriptive portrait though of the family he thinks could be the ones that saved him from the wolves and bandages him up..
I can see his heart fluttering for someone he's not yet met until he heard her voice behind him.. Hmmmm I wonder???....
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