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By the Light of the Moon Chapter 2 Part 2

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5/19/2013 7:02:09 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
-Ch. 1:

-Ch. 2 Part 1:


You know if you keep staring like that your face is going to get stuck that way." The woman smirked, winking also. She was shorter than him by at least a half a foot, him standing at a solid six feet and change. She was definitely well-toned, obviously from the laborious life of living in what he assumed was a country cabin.

"I uh, um- Wha- who are you?" He finally stammered out.

"My name is Ariana," she smiled, just an absolutely perfect smile. "You already probably realize I live here with how long you were staring at that portrait. I would ask you your name, but I already know, Samuel!"

Samuel simply stood in place, unsure of what to say next. He was speechless, absolutely in awe, any and all coherent thoughts in his mind had been swept away instantaneously with her appearance. Just as he had thought previously, he simply stared into her, Ariana's eyes, transfixed, as if under a spell. Ariana smirked at his unabashed blatancy, and spoke once more,

"As much as I'm flattered that you can't take your eyes off me, you need to get over to the couch and lay down. I need to reapply your bandages."

Samuel still just stood there, rooted in place, staring.

"I said move!" Ariana huffed, a tone of annoyance in her voice, "I don't have all day, and unless you want to apply the bandages yourself, which I wouldn't suggest, this needs to be done soon."

Samuel finally broke from his trance, blushing in embarrassment as he hobbled over to the couch. Oh god, he thought, I'm acting like a schoolboy with a crush. He lay down on the couch. Ariana lifted up his leg gently, and placed a pillow underneath for support. She began deftly unwrapping the bandages on his leg.

"So, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself Samuel? No reason to sit here in silence. I'm curious as to what brings you around these parts, we rarely get any visitors here."

"Where is here exactly?" Samuel asked.

"Whitmans Crossing of course! I can only assume you saw the sign, else you wouldn't of come here?" Ariana answered.

"Well yeah, it was rather worn though, so I couldn't really make out the name of where I was heading to. I was lost, almost out of gas, and was hoping that I would find both directions and fuel here."

"Well, we have a gas station of course, but given your accident I don't think you'll be needing it anymore!" Ariana joked. "Now enough stalling, tell me about yourself!"

"Well ok, I guess... let me see, well I live in Chicago," he started, but was interrupted by Ariana,

"Chicago? That is quite a ways away, why are you so far away from your home?"

"Well, I was visiting my parents for the holidays, they wanted to see me."

She looked into his eyes, smiling. All the while still expertly unwrapping the bandages on his legs.

"Oh, that's awfully sweet of you," she smiled, "its rare to see someone who still values family as much as that these days."

Samuel broke eye contact and looked away, "well, we don't exactly get along, I love them sure, but they have a tendency to be too inquisitive at times. It gets on my nerves somewhat."

"Well of course they are! They're your parents, why wouldn't they want to know all about your life? To them you are still their little boy. They care, that's why they ask so many questions."

"I know, I guess I just have a hard time relating to that because I don't have any children of my own."

"You don't?" Ariana raised her eyebrow, "why don't you? You're certainly handsome, I would think at your age you would have a family."

"See!" Samuel spoke exasperatedly, "that's exactly what I mean. I'm only 32, I'm not exactly a senior, and still have plenty of time for those things. Its not as if I don't want a family of my own, I just haven't met the right person yet..."

"I see, well I can tell this subject is a bit of a sore topic for you. So how about you tell me about something else. Like what you do in Chicago? Why you are living there?"

She finished unwrapping the bandages and Samuel got his first look at the condition of his leg since he had gone unconscious beside his car, how long ago was that exactly? He shook his head, that didn't really matter. What mattered was that his leg was an absolute mess. The bones weren't protruding from his leg anymore, and the cuts and gashes that had covered it were sewed up, but it was mottled with bruises, and looked horrendous.

"Is my leg going to be able to recover fully?" He asked.

"I don't know, it might be able to," Ariana responded, "I set the bones back in place, and sewed you up fairly well, but its too soon to tell if it will heal back to 100%... I wouldn't count on it."

She started rewrapping his leg, after having checked the stitching on the cuts.

"Are you a doctor?" Samuel queried, "because you really seem to know what you're doing and it looks like you've had medical training before."

"I used to be a nurse years back. But that was before..." Ariana trailed off looking away. A dark expression came over her face, sad, and pained as she stopped wrapping his leg. It looked for a moment as if she were about to break down.

"Before what?"

Ariana shook her head, smiling again as she looked back into Samuel's' eyes, returning to wrapping the bandage on his leg as well, "its not important, no need to talk about it."

"I know," she softly, soothingly spoke, "it hurts. You did a number to your head in that accident. I was worried that you were going to have a concussion or some swelling in your brain, but thankfully that doesn't appear to be the case."

"How long was I unconscious for?" He asked.

"You've been out for 3 days since I found you. You were running a very high fever for a couple days and it finally broke last night."

"Since you found me? What about the wolves? There were so many of them, I clearly remember-" Ariana cut him off,

"That's not important Samuel, what's important is that you are alive. Be thankful for that, and don't bother with the finer details. I've found at times its better not to do that."


"No buts, just don't bother with it."

Samuel was definitely confused, and curious why she was stonewalling him. But he figured it was best not to press the issue, considering she had saved his life. She was done wrapping his head quickly.

She walked back around to the front of the couch, and looked at him.

"Now what you need to do is rest, I need to go out for a little bit, so I will be back to check on you later. Don't overexert yourself, and move around too much."

"Ok, that's no problem."

She smiled, "I will see you soon then Samuel. Be good now." She walked away and out of the room. As she did, Samuel couldn't help but admire the "view." He could hear her open the door, and as she did, he heard a cacophony of barks sound from outside. The door shut once more, and the room once more returned to silence.

Samuel lay back, closing his eyes. His thoughts split between the unanswered questions from earlier. How strange, he thought. Soon he was fast asleep...
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5/19/2013 7:55:04 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Okay, Foreal he should've just stayed looking at the picture lol.. It lasts longer without the girl getting annoyed with him looking directly face to face at her... Just saying ... :P

But that was very kind of her to help him out like that and try to make conversation.. Ariana and Samuel considered each others feelings politely and respectfully, .. But I do wonder if maybe there's a good reason as to why Samuel gets annoyed about his families inquisitions though and why Ariana remained silent to speaking about important matters.. Seeing though that they just met can be understandable for their silences too.. I am curious to know what happened with the wolves even though it wasn't mentioned.. And also very curious as to why she withheld saying something about her family?? Maybe something happened?? Idk,,...

Can't wait to read more though Buddamoose... Keep up the good work!! ;)
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