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Expanse: Trapped in Reality - Prologue

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2/24/2014 9:30:14 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
This is the beginning of a new story I would like to begin writing. If it gets enough attention and people want to see more then I will post new chapters every once and a while. Feel free to tell me what you think.

Expanse: Trapped in Reality


I stared blankly at the notice before my eyes.

Malfunction in system. Please do not attempt to remove device you will be ejected from the system automatically in 10 seconds. 9 8 7 7 7"

The red hexagon fizzled and popped before me. MY eyes refocused on the terrain in front of me. I stood on a large hill overlooking a vast forest. The oak trees went on for miles in an endless expansion of leaves and logs.

What did it mean? Malfunction in the system? This had happened before, once, on a large-scale server in Japan. But an independent game like Expanse should never have problems like this. I was in big trouble. What was going to happen to me being stuck in a virtual reality game, for who knows how long!

Suddenly yet another flashing warning blinded me.

Warning: Are you sure you want to remove safety measures?

Wait what? Why would I want to remove the safety system? You can get hurt in real life that way.

"No," I yelped at the screen.

Request not understandable or words interpreted incorrectly. Please restate your answer.

"NO!" I yelled loud and clear for the computer to hear me.

Request not understandable or words interpreted incorrectly. Please restate your answer.

How does it not understand no, to simple for it? Then without further instruction it completed my warning.

Request acknowledged safety measures disabled.

"Computer reactivates the safety measures!" I yelled to the open air in front of me but got no response. "Computer!"

I stood shocked on the mountain. My mind searched for an answer but could not find one. What was going on? Why would the safety measures be turned off? Why was I stuck in Expanse with a chance of getting killed, both in game and in real life? None of this made sense.

Suddenly a small thought occurred to me. My friends were supposed to arrive on the server within the hour. That was the answer to my problem. When they got on they could easily log off, go to me, and figure out a way to get me safely from the game. All I had to do was survive until then. Easy right?
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Expanse: Trapped in Reality
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