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The Adventures of Wonder Wolf (Chapter 4-5)

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11/8/2016 2:27:20 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter 4: Magic and Backtrack

By this time, Winter Blizzard had almost reached Canada. He'd chased down a deer, but had been unable to deliver the fatal blow. It was still running, alive, in the woods, and Winter Blizzard's hunger was driving him mad. There! Alone in a meadow, a young deer who was stupid enough to leave its herd for a while idly munched on some grass. Winter Blizzard crept up quietly, and, when he was five feet away, pounced! He tore the throat, and it gurgled its last as he dug in. It seemed like he had never tasted anything so good, and he gorged himself until he could barely stand, he'd been so ravenous. So he found a fallen tree and curled up at its roots to take a nap.
An hour or so later, his ear twitched. Some sound had pierced the night and found its way into his sleep. There it was again, a shriek, louder this time! He leapt up, ready to fight, but there was nothing, nothing at all. But he was so sure he'd heard something. He stared intensely into the gloomy forest. Thud! Winter Blizzard was thrown to the ground by some animal who'd leapt on top of him. Another wolf. It rolled off and squared around, ready to kill. Winter Blizzard did the same. The morning sun creeped over the treetops, sending rays through the mist. The wolf seemed familiar in the light, but he couldn't quite tell. He stopped. The strange wolf stopped. They both stared.
"Winter Blizzard?"
"It IS you!"
"Yes, it is! But what in the world was that shriek if it wasn't you?" The siblings stared into the mist-hazed forest together. As if on cue, the shriek was again heard. It seemed a lot closer now. Out of fear, the young wolves ran. They ran and ran. They came to a wall blocking a river, but the shrieking sound was following them, so they pressed on for almost a day, the shrieking sound tirelessly following them the whole way. Winter Blizzard saw a cave. "Come on!" They dove in. They went deeper, and fell into a pile of jewels! "Wait, WHAT!? This is Wonder Wolf's and my fort! Ugh!" Winter Blizzard lay down, head in paws, resignedly.

Meanwhile, Wonder Wolf was running like the wind. She ran back to the entrance, but it was still closed. And now she would be cornered if they came down this way. 'Silly Wonder Wolf!' she thought. 'Now you have no escape at all! You numbskull!' Still, she could hardly blame herself. Footsteps approached. Closer they came. The anxiety welling up inside her could barely hold itself in, but she managed to stay curled in a ball in the corner. The footfalls stopped. 'Good,' she thought, 'they've moved on.' She stole a glance upwards. But whoever it was wasn't gone. A light-footed young bobcat stood there. "Flecks? Is that you?" Flecks blushed.
"Well, yes," he said. Now Wonder Wolf was angry.
"You little liar! You told me you only went a little ways in before coming out! Not this far!" she raged.
"Well, that was true. I DID only go that far before turning around, but a few days after I left, I went back in and found this place."
"Oh. Well, okay. Sorry for getting so mad."
"Oh, it's all right! I would've been mad too."
"So, what is this place exactly and all that?
"You wanna have an hour long discussion? And knowing you, you'd probably make it fifteen minutes longer..."
"Not really... But even the basics would make it an hour?"
"A half hour or so."
"The most BASIC thing?"
"One most basic thing would be five minutes, since everything here is quite complicated."
"Well, works for me."
"Okay. Five minutes. And then you'll probably want to know more, which would total to about an hour anyways... So... Whatever. Here goes. This valley is given the name Diamond Valley. It is the center of our magic. We disguised it as a rocky outcropping when we found it, and only those who are or are destined to be Crystal Keepers can enter.
"So I'm a Crystal Keeper and I could go through, and because I'm a Crystal Keeper I have magic?"
"Well, duh, isn't that basically what I just said? Anyways, there are ten of us Crystal Keepers besides you. Me, Lolo, Marr, Vena, Tingo, Pez, Lotus, Frost, Tit, and Rena. We each have special talents that still work even if our magic runs out."
"Magic can run out? How?"
"Well, the crystal can't hold infinite amounts of magic. Otherwise there'd be no point in this place. Every once in a while you have to stay here until it glows again. Anyways, your special talent is flight. That's obvious. A little unfortunately, but once you become more skilled in magic you can hide it. Mine is invisibility. Lolo can move things with her mind, Marr can completely control water, again, with his mind, and Vena controls fire and can shoot fireballs from her paws, and then there's Tingo. His special power is super speed. Pez's power is she can teleport to anywhere in the world, and Lotus can control the size and shape of anything she chooses. Frost has his power as controlling the weather, and Tit can imitate any noise at any time of his choosing, and Rena is my mate and she has the power to have visions and make others have visions that she cannot herself have."
"Where are they all?"
"Vena, Pez, Lolo, and Tingo are, well, out, and Rena, Marr, and Lotus were helping me look for you, and Frost and Tit are practicing magic in their rooms, because, well, that's what we do when we're bored and have nothing much important to do," he smiled.
"Then I think you forgot something."
"What's that?"
"You forgot to tell Rena, Marr and Lotus that you found me!" she giggled."
"Yes, I suppose I did... Well, let's go find them." He was simply glad that it hadn't been drawn into at least a twenty minute discussion. Rena was in the Dining Hall. She was a bobcat, of course, and she was very nice and pretty. Wonder Wolf could easily understand why Flecks liked her. Marr was looking in Cozy Cove. He was an otter with a nice face and good disposition. Lotus was waiting outside Wonder Wolf's door in case she was in there and came out. She was a white tigress who was gentle. Then they all went and got out Frost and Tit. Frost was a white wolf with hints of grey, and Tit was an eagle, which scared Wonder Wolf a little at first, but she soon found what a good friend he could be.

"WHY!? Why did it have to chase us back here!?"
"Well, at least we aren't lost anymore..."
"So!? What does that gotta do with anything!?"
"Winter Blizzard! Get yourself under control! It's fine. This is actually good because now we can have a better, 'not lost' start."
"I suppose. But who said you were still coming with me?"
"Nobody. So?"
"So doesn't that imply that you aren't coming with?"
"I AM going with you, whether you want me to or not!" she said with finality.
"Fine, but we better get moving." So Winter Blizzard and Misty set out north.
Wonder Wolf is AWESOME, and if you disagree, DEAL WITH IT!!!
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11/8/2016 6:01:55 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Chapter 5: Secrets and Hopelessness (unfinished)

Wonder Wolf was tired. Really tired. Especially her brain. She'd been practicing magic all day long, and she had only practiced a few things, but intensely, hence the exhaustion. By the end of the day, she could fly much better, turn invisible, shape-shift, teleport small distances, and hide her wings reasonably well.
When she turned in for the night, all the rest of the Crystal Keepers - Vena, Pez, Lolo and Tingo came back - held a meeting unbeknownst to her.
"Do you really believe she's the one? I mean, seriously!"
"Calm yourself, Tingo. Can't you trust your leader, who actually happens to be me? You know the prophecy as well as I do. She's the one."
"But she couldn't possibly ever defeat him, Flecks!"
"Says who? Come on! You can't REALLY have so little faith in it!"
"In what, Lotus? A silly old document found in the chambers beneath this place a hundred years ago that was determined to be a prophecy by the one who came before Flecks, and we do not even know who he was, so how do we know he wasn't just faking it because we were losing the battle and he just wanted the rest to have hope!? That or the pup?"
"TINGO! If you continue talking this way, I'm going to have to force you to leave! You know as well as I do that I am forbidden to speak his name, and even if I could, I still wouldn't! In addition, any Crystal Keeper Leader would never lie to make his followers have hope!"
"We are on the brink of destruction, Flecks, this WORLD is on the brink of destruction! And you're asking us to put what little faith we have on this untrained, puny wolf PUP!?"
"Age is irrelevant. You know that I myself am only nine months old. As for untrained, that's obviously only because she just found this place today. She has not had much time. I see great potential in her, but your vision is the thing that's puny, not her."
"Gee, Tingo, can't you ever just obey Flecks? Why can't you see that he's above you? I second that your sight is puny and not to be trusted!"
"Yeah, Frost, just like that document."
"I've had enough, Tingo, LEAVE NOW!" He left, a little subdued. "Alright, what things should we teach her first that are most important?"
"Magical forcefield, for one! That'd sure be necessary!"
"I agree, Vena. That is critical. What else?"
"I have one that actually isn't magic related. Reading quicker. You know how long it took for her to read eight words!" Everyone giggled a little.
"Yes, Marr, that's true. And those two things should take up the extra free hours we have in tomorrow. I believe that is all for tonight. You all may leave."

"We've been walking for hours! When are we gonna stop?"
"I knew I shouldn't have agreed to take you along, you little complainer. But I'm tired too, and it looks like there's a clearing up there. We'll take a rest there." But when Winter Blizzard and Misty got there, it was the airport that housed the plane Wonder Wolf had been on.
Ok, so how about you go one way and I'll go the other. We'll see if she's been here. I'm guessing you'll find her first, Winter Blizzard, you're more used to her scent."
"Got it." They searched everywhere, except one out of the way corner that neither saw. Footsteps approached. They came closer. The wolf pups ran. Right into each other, at first, but then they accidentally ran into that corner.
"Wonder Wolf!" they said at the same time. "She's been here! On this plane!" But in their excitement, both forgot about the person. He came around the corner, and then froze as soon as he saw them. His leg was bandaged from the hip to the ankle, and he limped on it.
"Oh, not two more of you evil little demon wolves! Why, I'm gonna get every single one of you leg-rippers that I can get my hands, or rather my gun sight, on!" But he didn't kill them. He simply pulled out a thin, rectangular object from his pocket, made some beeping noises with it, put it up to his ear for a few seconds, then began talking into it. Then he put it away and stared at them, grinning deviously, for a whole minute. Winter Blizzard and Misty stared back, unmoving. Then more humans came, with clubs, all of them. They encircled the siblings, and then two of them stepped forward a few steps more and banged them on the head, knocking them out.

"Where are we?"
"I don't know. You think I would know, Winter Blizzard?"
"Just something to ponder. I wonder if this is where they took Wonder Wolf." A majestic mountain stood in front of them. To their right was a forest, about a mile off in the distance, and a building directly in front of them. It was lightly snowing, and everywhere they looked, the land was blanketed in snow.
"Well, it might be. But it ain't like I'm gonna know."
"I just thought I'd ask. Nothing wrong with that."
"You know, when I first decided I was coming with you no matter what, you said I'd be annoying. Instead, you're the one who's rather annoying."
"I never said you'd be annoying!"
"Oh, really? And this is 'The King of Implication' speaking, correct?" Winter Blizzard only sighed. He could hardly argue, and in truth he had thought she'd be annoying.
Wonder Wolf is AWESOME, and if you disagree, DEAL WITH IT!!!

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