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Ambien addiction

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8/26/2019 12:47:49 PM
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Is Ambien Addictive?
Yes. Ambien, When taken for a period of time, Can be addictive. With prolonged use, You may first develop tolerance to its effects, And soon thereafter experience an unpleasant withdrawal syndrome when you haven't had the drug in a while.

Tolerance. With Ambien, You will need more of the substance as time goes on to achieve the same sleep benefits that you experienced when you first started taking the medication. This phenomenon describes tolerance. Prescribing practitioners are aware of the potential for tolerance development. It is one of the reasons that Ambien is designed to be taken for short periods of time and then stopped. If someone continues to use for more than two weeks, Effects will almost certainly diminish and dosing will need to increase to get the same effects.

Withdrawal. Another signal of Ambien"s addictive quality manifests in how the regular user may feel the first few nights without the substance. They will no doubt have increased trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, In addition to experiencing a range of other effects of acute withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms illustrate the body"s dependence on the substance. When the user is unable to take Ambien, Withdrawal symptoms can surface, Which include:

Sweating and feeling flushed.
Abdominal cramping.
Increased insomnia.
Similar to the dangers of benzodiazepine withdrawal, There have been some reports of seizure activity in cases of sudden Ambien cessation"an ominous development that may require vigilant medical monitoring as a longer-term Ambien user attempts to quit.

What Are the Signs of Addiction and Abuse?

Unexpected behavior changes.
Sleepwalking and sleep-driving.
Suicidal ideation.

Knowing if you are addicted to a substance like Ambien can be challenging if you"ve been legitimately prescribed the medication. It is important to realize that even legal, Prescription medications can lead to addiction. To assess for addiction, Take an honest look at your life and reflect on:

Other signs that you may be addicted include:

Taking more of the medication than prescribed.
Taking the substance without a prescription.
Taking the medication for nonmedical reasons.
Seeking multiple prescriptions from different doctors or not being honest with doctors regarding use.
Ambien Addiction Treatment
Ambien addiction will be treated based on individual needs and the magnitude of addiction to the person involved. First, The user may need to undergo a period of detoxification from Ambien. Detox is the body"s act of processing and removing the substance. Supervised detox can help minimize the discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms.
Ambien is a short term medication meant for the treatment of sleeping problems, some people purchase this medication for using again and again to achieve a high feeling. Zolpidem, sold under the brand name Ambien among others, is a medication primarily used for the short term treatment of sleeping problems. Zolpidem is a nonbenzodiazepine sedative and hypnotic.

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