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Ambien Addiction and Side Effects

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9/4/2019 9:06:43 AM
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Ambien Addiction
Ambien is used to manage the issue of insomnia in patients who are unable to fall asleep. The drug is prescribed only for short-term treatment. The drug, Ambien belongs to the class of drugs that are called sedative-hypnotics. This drug (Ambien) works by affecting the neurotransmitters (GABA) and making them active. The functioning of Ambien is to slow down the activities of the brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS). Ambien is available in two forms " extended-release and immediate-release. They are used separately depending on the patient"s needs and keeping in mind their health condition.

What are the signs of Ambien Addiction?
These signs can be observed when a person is getting addicted to the use of Ambien and is unaware of the issue. Whenever a person is addicted to Ambien, There are symptoms that will emerge as the signs for Ambien Addiction. The patients start increasing the dose when they maintain the tolerance level of the drug. As a result, There will be symptoms like " unusual behavior and other memory problems. Some of the signs of Ambien Addiction are listed below:-
Unable to sleep with Ambien pill
Frequent blackouts
Sleepwalking or other activities performed while sleeping
Memory loss
Strange or weird behavior
Hypersexual behavior
Talkativeness and being too social
Lack of coordination or balance

Ambien addiction side effects "
Above we have mentioned the signs through which a person can know if he/she is addicted to the use of Ambien. Hereafter, We"ll give you a list of side effects that can be seen while using Ambien for a prolonged time period.
The side effects of Ambien addictions are:-
Temporary memory loss
Weakness in the muscles
Unsteady while walking
Change in behavior or mood swings Feeling depressed
Confusion in making decisions
Shivering or uncontrolled shakiness
These were the side effects that can be seen after getting addicted to the use of Ambien. As a result of these, The FDA ordered a decrease in the recommended dosage of Ambien. The initial dose of Ambien should not increase more than 10mg. In women, The dose is regularized between 5mg to 10mg and so is in the extended-release versions of the drug.

How to stop Ambien Addiction?
In order to get over from the addiction to Ambien, You need to contact your doctor for proper assistance. "Withdrawal from Ambien Addiction can be tricky as it requires the system to start functioning in the normal way as it was before. When you take a drug, The artificial chemicals start doing the work that was supposed to be done by the naturally occurring chemicals present inside the body. Taking Ambien for too long will make your body habitual to the content of the drug. At the time when you are quitting the drug, The body starts behaving abnormally due to the sudden change in the chemical levels. Treatment for Ambien addiction will be followed by numerous methods and psychological therapy as well.
As a result, The following symptoms may occur due to Ambien Addiction withdrawal Anxiety
Abdominal cramps
Panic attacks
Therefore, Quitting Ambien can incur stronger withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable for the patient. The symptoms may get worse in rare cases. Our advice for the patients is to always take Ambien under the consideration of a medical professional and proper guidance.
Ambien is a short term medication meant for the treatment of sleeping problems, some people purchase this medication for using again and again to achieve a high feeling. Zolpidem, sold under the brand name Ambien among others, is a medication primarily used for the short term treatment of sleeping problems. Zolpidem is a nonbenzodiazepine sedative and hypnotic.

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