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Did Hitler die in the bunker?

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4/25/2019 5:49:25 PM
Posted: 5 months ago
What evidence exists that Hitler actually died in the bunker in Berlin as we've been told?

I recently saw a show that revealed that when the Russians presented a skull which they claimed was that of Hitler it actually turned out to be the skull of a woman. So considering that the Russians lied, And they have something to hide, What other evidence exists that Hitler died in that bunker? Is there any definitive evidence, Aka proof?
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5/17/2019 6:05:55 AM
Posted: 4 months ago
Though it's widely established that Hitler died in his bunker in Berlin, Rumors of his escape abound.
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6/7/2019 8:26:32 PM
Posted: 3 months ago
There's no clear-cut answer on this. There are numerous reasons to believe that Hitler did not commit suicide. One thing is for sure, There was an agenda in world wide propaganda immediately following WW2.
One agenda was to paint Russia as a great power. This was done in order to cover up Stalin's purges. The Allies did not want to look like they were shaking hands with the devil by supporting Stalin, So they used propaganda to hide Stalin's sins.
Also, For ten years after WW2, European and American journalists hid what was called the Gruesome Harvest. For 4-8 years, Immediately following WW2, Some of the Ally powers, And the Red Army, Feasted on the Germans in the form of thefts of the German people, Millions of rapes, And millions of murders. This was covered up for decades until it couldn't be covered up anymore.
Furthermore, In world history, How many empire leaders have committed suicide after defeat? Not very many. Very few, In fact. It seams a stretch to believe that Hitler would have committed suicide. Even more strange is that his bones and dental records were not paraded on streets throughout the planet, Considering the fact that it would have been good morale for the masses and victims of WW2.
We already know that tens of thousands of German officers and soldiers fled to South America, Starting in January of 1945, Once they knew their cause was a loss, And that Germany would indeed fall to the Allies.
We also know that Hitler had a private plane to taxi him away in the event that the Allies were about to over-run his position.
I personally do not believe Hitler was insane. I believe that he, Like many Germans, Were terrified by Communist incursion into their country and acted out in an inhumane manner. I am sure that Hitler sat in his bed, Many a night, Thinking of how he'd escape if it ever came down to it. I therefore believe that it is more likely that he fled to South America, Than it is that he committed suicide. Suicide sounds like journalist propaganda pushed by military pressure.

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