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Hannibal Barca, The best General ever

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8/12/2019 12:18:08 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
Hello! I'm Notograptus, And right now I'm going to explain why I believe Hannibal Barca was the best General ever.

Part 1: Logistical Master

This is the first and probably most obvious one. Hannibal was a logistical master, Being able to get to the Alps fast and even having the ability to cross the Alps. The reason I state that he was a master at it was because he was able to supply his troops in his battles even better than the Romans, For example in the Battle of the Trebia he was able to force the Romans into being hungry and tired while his troops were well rested and ate well. This all should prove that Hannibal was able to supply his troops well and was a logistical master.

Part 2: The Best Tactician Ever

I'm sure that you know that Hannibal was a great tactician, But just how great was he? Well, In Hannibal's battles other than at Zama, He was usually outnumbered. For example, At the Battle of Cannae Hannibal was outnumbered 2:1. However, He used tactical GENIUS to encircle the entire Roman army and kill 40, 000 of the 80, 000 Romans in one day. This battle is as good if not better than battles like Austerlitz or Gaugamela. He paid attention to every little detail, Even which way the sun was shining and how dust blew.

Part 3: A Strategic Genius

While this is most likely the least obvious part of the entire argument, This is also true. Hannibal was a strategic genius, Showing how well he could come up with strategies with things like the crossing of the Alps and the Battle of Lake Trasimene. The Battle itself didn't show his strategic genius, But what he did before was quite incredible. Basically, He forced marched his entire army through a mountain and impassable swamp to get behind the Roman forces and threaten Rome. In the battle that followed, He pulled off THE LARGEST AMBUSH IN MILITARY HISTORY. No ambush at any point in time was larger than it, Even without proportion.
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