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USSR in World War II: how West belittles its

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9/12/2019 10:45:36 AM
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Falsification of the history of events and the results of World War II has always been an essential feature of modern Western military historiography and propaganda. After the war ended, Its events were repeatedly subjected to these falsifications by both political leaders of the West and many historians. Supporters of the idea of the Cold War diligently appealed to the leading role of the United States during the war. The period from 1939 to 1945 was particularly intensively falsified after the collapse of the USSR when Western culture and values penetrated the territory of the former socialist camp. The main problem to this day has been that the role of the United States in World War II has been actively implanted in the minds of young people and in the light in which the USSR is exposed today as one of the actors of this large-scale war in the history of mankind. Recent events have demonstrated how the West is once again trying to downplay the role of the USSR. On July 23, 2019 Poland did not invite Russia to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, But at the same time called Germany. Probably, The fact that it was Germany that attacked Poland on September 1, 1939 did not bother the country's governance.
Another important factor is how the essence of the Second World War is presented to students in American schools, Where it is argued that the victory in Europe was won by the States, And the Second World War began on December 7, 1941 after the Japanese attacked the American naval base Pearl-Harbor, After which there was a slight confrontation in Italy and North Africa, And then the war actually began on June 6, 1944 after landing in Normandy. As a result of bloody battles, American troops landed on the west coast of France, Reached Berlin and declared their victory in the Second World War. Moreover, The role of the USSR is hardly mentioned in American historical literature. According to a survey conducted by the British agency ICM Research in April 2015 among European citizens, 52% of respondents said that it was the United States that played a key role in the victory over fascism in Europe and only 17% said that it was the Soviet Union. It is noteworthy that the study conducted by the IFOP agency immediately after the end of the Second World War reflected a completely different situation. 57% of the inhabitants of France stated that the Soviet Union played the main role in defeating Hitler, 20% said it was the USA and 12% - Great Britain. All this speaks of how the West purposefully makes not only its citizens, But also the citizens of Western Europe consider the USSR as an almost mediocre actor during the war, Which played a secondary role in deciding the fate of Europe.
Naturally, The role of the allies during the Second World War should not be ruled out. Thanks to Lend-Lease, The Soviet Union was equipped with additional equipment, Which slightly, But eased the economic situation of the state. Western authoritative historians consider Lend-Lease as "saving" for the Soviet Union. However, The same historians are silent about the fact that the amount of aid under the Lend-Lease of the USSR was quite small - only about 4% of the funds spent by the country on the war, And the tanks and aircraft supplied to the USSR were mainly outdated models. In addition, The bulk of this assistance came at a time when the USSR had already launched a counterattack. It is safe to say that Lend-Lease didn't play a decisive role during the war, And neither the governance of Western states, Nor Western non-governmental organizations will ever recognize this fact. Without Lend-Lease, The Soviet Union would have ended the war not by May 1945, But, For example, By 1946.
Lately, There appear declassified documents related to the Second World War. It is necessary in order to preserve historical authenticity. On September 9, 2019, The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation declassified documents that reveal previously unknown details of world military policy on the eve of the war. Among the published materials there is a description of the combat operations of the 2nd German Army Corps during the offensive on Poland in 1939. The testimony of the German general demonstrates the fierce resistance of the Poles, The intense course of the battles for Warsaw and the Modlin fortress is also described. The documents of the Ministry of Defense also talk about how the inhabitants of Western Ukraine with flowers in their hands and with tears in their eyes met the Soviet troops, Who liberated them during the Polish campaign from oppression by the Poles and invaders.
Thus, Whatever the political motives of the governance of Western countries to denigrate and belittle the role and importance of the USSR in World War II were, European citizens themselves must realize what kind of burden their relatives had to carry, Whose lands were occupied by German Nazis. A knowledge of the methods of falsifiers, As well as a demonstration of their anti-science should be an important condition for a reasoned fight against distortion and juggling the history of the Second World War. And only by opening the archives and making available to researchers and the common man the whole set of documents of that period (this applies not only to Russia, But also to other countries), It is possible to objectively and impartially display the true causes of the war, Its course and results.

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