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Work is for slaves and overachievers

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12/28/2017 5:13:51 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
For thousands of years work has always been performed by slaves or overachievers that just love to go to work because they have nothing else in their lives, no hobbies, no interests so work is the only thing they know.

Work is a redundant task that your boss doesn't want to do so he has you do it for the rest of your life or until you find another job doing another redundant task. Slaves need to do it to eat and survive and overachievers do it because they have nothing else in their lives and without it they would not survive without boredom. (pathetic)

I say work is just a waste of time, there are so many things in the world to do and see who has time for work, I want to travel more, read good books, visit family more, hang with friends more, let the slaves and overachievers run the economy