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The DDO Hall of Fame

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4/22/2012 4:53:46 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
The DDO Hall of Fame is a place where the people of DDO select certain members, debates, and threads to be enshrined and forever remembered for later generations of DDO to read and learn about.

Every year, every member can vote on the DDO Hall of Fame, which will admit 3 people, 3 debates, and 3 forum threads. Due to the overall age of DDO itself in comparison to the much younger age of the Hall of Fame, there are no limits on which debates/members/threads can be voted into the Hall of Fame. They can be from 2 months ago or they could be from 3 years ago, all are eligible.

- People who get voted in:

Every person who does get voted into the Hall of Fame will be given their own biography that details how they have contributed to DDO, and what makes them worthy of being in the hall of fame. Anybody can be voted in, they can be active, inactive, even people who were banned can get into the Hall of Fame if they get enough votes. Time and activity on this site are not limits to who gets in, only general impact on DDO is accounted for.

- Debates and Forums that get voted in:

The debates that get voted in will not have a description, there will simply be the title of the debate, and then the URL of the debate will be posted into the Hall of Fame for everyone to click and see for themselves. The same is also true for threads that get voted into the Hall of Fame.

- Imabench

12/14/14 to 1/1/15 = VP of DDO
8/4/18 to 8/6/18 = Start of the Worst Spam Attack in DDO History (61 Hours, 21 Minutes, and 37 seconds... Estimated 63,175 Spam Posts during the main attack)

Be Today's Hero and Tomorrow's Hero
The trash from yesterday will still be trash from every day onwards
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11/12/2012 7:48:49 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Inaugural Hall of Fame Debate Inductees

In a fight, Voldemort and Dumbledore would beat Megatron and Optimus Prime.

On balance, capitalism is more humanitarian than communism.

THE OFFICIAL IZBO TRIAL; Resolved: Izbo10 should be permanently banned

Caucasians are inherently more intelligent than African Americans

Gay Marraige Should Be Allowed.

Inaugural Hall of Fame Member Inductees


To participate on DDO is to subject your ideas to unbridled scrutiny; to exist here is to establish a lasting impression in a hostile atmosphere. Many very intelligent people have graced these halls during DDO's short life, but surprisingly few have made a lasting impression in this high-turnover environment.

Her statistics aside, it is my opinion that Danielle has produced more for this site, in terms of participating in meaningful discussions and influencing the various members we have had over the years, than any other single member we have ever had. DDO churns out a product: ideas. A member's utility could be said to be proportional to her production of ideas.

Quantity is never sufficient without quality, however. Her ideas have always been, whether you can appreciate her political views or not, well reasoned, and she has vigorously defended her positions to hundreds of people over the years who have attempted to rebut her. She has been an outspoken proponent of women"s and gays' rights for a long time, and has made many opponents of progressive social issues pay for their assumptions!

I probably would have used this paragraph to write something in regards to her gender, because the statistic is objective: she is the only woman in the top-50. But I would never get away with an analysis of this statistic, because I would have to answer for that analysis and there's only one person I know that can and will pull that off...



A well-renowned member of the community, Bluesteel has contributed to DDO significantly in both debating and the site's niche Mafia playing. In debating Bluesteel has covered a wide variety of debates from education subsidies, to whether it should be mandatory for doctors to learn about sleep disorders to whether utilitarianism can properly uphold the value of justice. Furthermore, across all these categories Bluesteel has been competent - a 95.65% win ratio based on 115 debates. [That's the second highest win ratio on the current leader board.]

Bluesteel has also contributed heavily to DDO's Mafia community, and is a feared player based on a litany of successes. Even after a hiatus, Bluesteel was considered one of the biggest, if not the biggest threats by any opposition.

Finally, Bluesteel is an active forum poster with deep insights on health related matters, and has nuanced views on other subjects. Some beliefs Bluesteel holds are realism in international relations, rule consequentialism, and has a mixture of leftist and right wing policies.



Innomen is a loyal conservative who has been active on the site for 4 years now, making him one of DDO's most loyal members, earning him much respect from other members as well. Though he doesn't debate or vote much, Innomen is a man known for his rationality, his wisdom, and also for fundamentally changing the position of the presidency of DDO. Innomen ran for president of DDO three times. He lost in his first election, but he won the second time he ran, and then was later re-elected with massive support. After two terms Innomen chose to take a less active role in running DDO because months of being president and of being a moderator as well had taken their toll on him. Prior to Innomen"s election though the presidency was mostly a popularity contest, but Innomen helped turn the presidency into a position of importance when Juggle became more involved in running the site.

It was while Innomen was president that DDO witnessed the evolution of the trial system, a system developed by Innomen to help manage and handle problem members for DDO. The invention and implementation of the trial system was one of the most memorable, beneficial, and everlasting contributions that Innomens presidency made to DDO.

Innomen has earned his place in the hall of fame for being a loyal and active member of DDO for almost as long as DDO has been around, for being a good moderator, and for bringing much respect to the position of the presidency since he was the one in charge when Juggle became more active in DDO.



RoyLatham embodies all the best aspects of what DDO is meant for. This is a site dedicated to debate and discussion, and Roy has actively participated in the forums and in debates time and time again. His debates are substantive and anyone can learn something from reading them, as he is one of the best debaters on the site. His comments are insightful and offer an important perspective that comes from both his life experience and his extensive knowledge on a wide variety of topics. The presence of members like Roy on DDO is what makes this site great, and without him the lack of all of his contributions would take a substantive toll on everyone.

RoyLatham embodies everything that a great member should be on DDO.



Izbo was a very anti-religious member of DDO who was famous, or rather, infamous, for his temper and insults towards people he disagreed with. He rarely debated or voted and lived almost exclusively in the forums, where he eventually people began to complain about his conduct. What separated Izbo from most other typical trolls who would hurl insults left and right is that Izbo actually had a fan following who were very outspoken in not banning Izbo. Izbo had been warned several times to watch his conduct, but he never changed. This led to one of the biggest innovations in dealing with disorderly members on DDO, the implementation of the trial-system. Izbo was put on trial Dec 3rd 2011, it was determined that a jury of outstanding DDO members would determine his guilt or not, but the people of DDO still voted in record turnout, voting 184-49 for his guilt + banning (but some of those 49 votes in his favor were mostly pity votes given to him towards the end of the voting period since it was clear he would lose the debate). Izbo was subsequently banned for life from DDO.

The trial system has since become the key process for DDO to decide the fate of important members thanks to Izbo's unrelenting conduct (or lack of), and the implementation of the trial system was without a doubt the largest contribution Izbo ever made to the site.

-Imabench Moderator
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2/20/2013 7:44:34 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Hall of Fame Debates

Politifact is biased

The user known as Danielle used dishonest tactics in her same-sex parenting debate.

Poop has DNA

Hall of Fame Members


One of the most controversial members of the site, Imabench is one of the most discussed and debated members ever. His love of trolling and toeing the line makes him the embodiment of mayhem on DDO. Imabench is an accomplished debater, with 450 wins over 600 debates, the most non-spammed debates for a single user.

However imabench is far better known for his activities on the site outside of debating. He once hosted a show called "The Weekly Stupid" where he would select the top ten dumbest quotes on DDO over a two week span, and makes a video about them- one of the most controversial and hotly disputed additions to the site ever, generating several threads made in response and hundreds if not thousands of posts. The show was discontinued after a shift in moderation policy made it impossible for the show to air without violating the moderation policy.

After The Weekly Stupid, Imabench produced some of the best contributions to the site. He teamed up with Airmax to troll the entire site with a Weekly Stupid: The Movie, which was 1:30 hours long but was 1:20 hours of end credits. Imabench followed that up with DDO: The Movie, a full length movie starring people on DDO that is far and away the biggest single production for the site by an individual member. The movie was widely acclaimed, and is memorialized in the personal forum of the site.

When Imabench left the site, he returned to be Mikal's running mate and was elected, spending two weeks as Vice President of the site under the Mikal before Mikal resigned from the post. Years later, Imabench ironically played a key role in the abolition of the site presidency, whose platform and campaign triggered one of the most dramatic ordeals in the history of the site that resulted in the presidency's abolition.

Twice in DDO history, "ima" rebellions occurred, where several members created accounts such as "imaseat" and "imarecliner" for the deliberate intention of trolling Imabench. Imabench also won the infamous 'Last Comment Wins thread' which came shortly after an incredible act of kindness to another member on the site. Imabench also was instrumental in putting together the official DDO Hall of Fame, and also has a 'fake history' thread in the History section of the site, which is itself a little shrine to trolling new members. Whether or not Imabench will forever be DDO's biggest troll remains to be seen, but without a doubt he has left a lasting legacy on the site.

- Thett


For years the leader board on DDO was structured almost exclusively around how many debates a person has won, a system that was widely ridiculed and not taken seriously even by those who were placed at the top of it. Ore_Ele invented his own ranking system which took into account the skill of the opponent, who instigated the debate, and a host of other factors to more accurately rank the top debaters on the site. The system was so popular that it eventually replaced the old system (that often rewarded noob snipers over truly better debaters) and was accepted with universal acclaim.

Ore_Ele is also known for being the primary election moderator, the person who carries out the presidential election threads and manages it for accuracy, and in that position Ore_Ele has succeeded at very well. Ore_Ele also knows how to put foot-to a** when it comes down to debating, for when he is active on DDO he often engages in tough debates and almost always emerges victorious.

For fundamentally changing DDO, organizing numerous presidential elections with robot-like efficiency, and having a win percentage of over 90% after 130+ debates, Ore-Ele certainly deserves his spot in the DDO Hall of Fame.



Airmax1227 is known for his great tendency to make tactful, respectful, and thoughtful comments on DDO. He is best known for being humble, helpful, and kind.

In the spring and summer of 2012, just prior to the end of Innomen's final term as president, Airmax1227 came out of the woodwork. He ran in the race for the presidency with Innomen as his Vice Presidential candidate and gained the presidency due to many member's familiarity with his conscientious personality traits, maturity, and great respect for his fellow DDO members. Innomen's blessing was also a great indicator to DDO members that Airmax1227 was most likely a good choice for president. Voters found that Airmax1227 was a good choice for president after all.

As president of DDO, Airmax1227 worked hard to make the position of president a liaison between DDO members and Juggle (the company who owns DDO). Because of this, he is greatly responsible for many of the updates and site additions members saw from his first term as president. One of Airmax1227's greatest contributions to DDO is the long-term relationship he has created with Juggle which has led to an unprecedented involvement of Juggle on the site and made direct communication between DDO members and Juggle employees a regular occurrence in the DDO forum.

Airmax1227 dedicated himself to making DDO even better and in doing so, earned his place in the DDO Hall of Fame.

-Oryus Moderator
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11/4/2013 6:52:38 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Hall of Fame Debates

Applejack Is Best Pony

Homosexual Acts Are Immoral

My Life Sucks More Than My Opponent's

Hall of Fame Members


Freedo is easily one of the most interesting, fascinating, and legendary members of DDO. Freedo is one of the few people who has been around on DDO since it was first established, he is one of the most active people on DDO as well racking up around 20,000 posts since hes been here. Most people though know Freedo as one of the craziest and fun loving people you could hope to meet anywhere on the internet, and many believe that someone to not like Freedo is logically impossible. Well known as the embodiment of absurdity on DDO, Freedo is like a highly romantic zebra who spends his days prancing through the grassy plains of your cognitive experience. A single post by freedo can completely hijack your thought process and lead it to a magical faraway place absent of common sense or uniformity, which is why he is so beloved by his peers and why he is an invaluable member to DDO.



Dance Magic Dance!

What can really be said about Koopin? We can take a step back and look at his statistics on and see a quality member. With 93 wins out of 108 debates (2 debates being ties), and almost 12,000 forum posts, and over 600 votes at the time of this letter, he is a distinguished member by those feats alone. However, Koopin is known and loved by the community on a level so much deeper and more personal than just the debates and posts that he made. He was our first and greatest clown. One that could, and frequently would, lighten up any heated argument. One that could befriend anyone and make all laugh.

He has fathered numerous DDO memes that have continued to live strong, even after he has all but left the site, most notably "KFC!" and "Dance Magic Dance!" Such memes have continued and grown on new members that came long after Koopin moved on. For this, he will always be a key member of our society and our culture and fully deserves a seat in DDO's hall of fame



As one of the most longstanding members of DDO, Cody_Franklin's accolades have accumulated reputably. He is valued not only for his prudent, reasonable attitude and approach to the forums, but for his fiercely clever wit and his even keener writing ability. Cody served as one of DDO's earliest presidents, and throughout his more than four years of membership has challenged us all to examine ourselves and our own beliefs as much as he has enlightened us with his myriad insights and broad perspective. But above all, Cody is a genuinely nice guy whose company we therefore cannot help but want to keep. He is both the kind of fellow who we would enjoy in the classroom and who we would hope would join us for a beer at the end of a long week and his place in the Hall of Fame is well earned as much for what he has brought to DDO as much as who he is.

-YYW Moderator
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3/26/2014 12:37:58 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Hall of Fame Debates

The Problem of Evil (PoE) is Sound

Individualism is Societally Destructive

Theism Offers A More Likely Context Than Atheism For Affirming Moral Realism

The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Raised To $15/hr For Fast Food Workers

Hall of Fame Members


Thett3 is a veteran member of DDO who is known predominantly for being a remarkably good debater, a borderline genius who still likes to troll once in a while, arguably the nicest person you could ever run into on the site, and also for having a smoking hot older sister (but thats just me)..... While you can find good debaters and intelligent people on this site, is is borderline impossible to find someone nicer than Thett3.... What makes him extra unique is that he is remarkably kind and respectful not just towards friends, but to everyone he finds himself a conversation with. Thett even has a knack for seeing the good side in even the most twisted and even hated people on the site, and in the past has often vouched on the behalf of those people when popular opinion had turned against them...... Rumor has it that you would have to kill 14 puppies by stomping them to death to get Thett to dislike you, and 14 might be lowballing it.

Thett3 was inducted into the Hall of Fame with the most number of votes in this induction class because no one on this site has been as wickedly smart yet undyingly kind to people as he has.

- Imabench


YYW is many things to many people, but "humble" isn't one of them. Never shying away from controversy or letting everyone know how he feels about an issue, YYW has been a contributing member to DDO for years now. Whatever he's speaking about, you can trust that he will offer his blunt opinion. This might be problematic for someone less insightful or intelligent than YYW, but he does it with panache, and it is because of this bluntness that he is able to regularly offer substance and value to the discussion at hand.

YYW has done over 40 debates and won the vast majority of them. He is a regular presence in the forums, offering his insight in virtually every forum section. This alone would be enough to get anyone elected into the Hall of Fame. But YYW has also meant a lot more than that for the site.

He has challenged the status quo, and while that is not always popular, it is always necessary. He was a crucial contributor to my presidential administration. YYW regularly advocates for reforms. He has spoken up for unpopular members. He's always stood up for the things that he believes in.

YYW would never claim to want to be everyone's friend. He would never say that he wanted to be liked by everyone. But he has always stood for his principles, and has earned respect (occasionally grudgingly) from the community at large. DDO is a site for debate, discussion, and the constant challenging of one's beliefs. No one does all of those things more than YYW, who has relentlessly challenged the site membership to question and consider how it views itself and how it should move forward.

For all of these reasons, YYW has earned his place in the sites Hall of Fame as one of those members who, whether we like it or not, constantly gets us to consider every aspect of the site and ourselves.



TUF is, first and foremost, dedicated to improving DDO. This seems like a simple enough statement, but it's an understatement as far as TUF is concerned. TUF has committed to DDO to an extent over and above what could reasonably be expected of a member; not only has he dedicated his time, but he's gone as far as to offer out-of-pocket prizes to encourage more quality voting on the site. And not cheap prizes, either.

TUF has been a member for a long time, he has done many excellent debates, pioneered video debates, and has contributed to many aspects of the site. His debates, posts, and efforts in more administrative areas are significantly noteworthy in themselves, but it is his extra drive that is clear to anyone who knows him, and makes his contributions so extraordinary.

I have been lucky enough to work with TUF and speak to him on a regular basis, and it can often be inspiring to see how seriously he takes this commitment to DDO. It's the type of dedication that inspires. It's the type of devotion that makes one realize that with enough resolve, they may be able to achieve anything.

Commitment to the site is not always easy. It takes time, effort, and patience, and TUF has given all of these in spades. All this despite his many other interests, some of which he has been nice enough to share with us. Even with his busy schedule, he was a great help to me when I was president of the site, has helped the site independently by offering ideas and feedback whenever he could, and has been committed to DDO's betterment as the site's elected president. As of this writing, it is still early in TUF's Presidency. It's impossible to know what the future will bring, but what is clear is that TUF is committed to DDO, and will do whatever it takes help the site and its community.

TUF's commitment, his sacrifice of time and money, the unrelenting resolve he has to make DDO be the best DDO it can possibly be, is nothing less than extraordinary. It has earned him his place in the DDO Hall of Fame.

-Airmax1227 Moderator
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10/12/2014 12:22:12 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hall of Fame Debates

The United States Should Have A Death Penalty

DDO Should Keep A Voting System With Multiple Categories

Abortion Is Generally Immoral

Hall of Fame Threads

Confirmation Bias Cannot Be Beaten!

Last Comment Wins


Hall of Fame Members


Bsh1's meteoric rise to prominence on DDO is a testament to his skill as a debater as much as it is a testament to who he is, as an individual. In the nearly 100 debates that he has completed since joining barely over a year ago, he has won almost 94% of them. He is both kind and compassionate friend, and fiercely talented debater whose skill is undeniable.

In addition to his formidable ability to debate, he has made himself an indispensable member of this community through his voting record, his efforts in hosting numerous mafia games and the beginner's mafia series as well as serving in the capacity as Vice President in Bladerunner's presidential administration.

Indeed, it is as much his skill and involvement in the community, and the warmth and kindness with which he does them that simply by his presence here he adds immeasurable value to our community -often at a level of considerable personal sacrifice. He is a model to be followed for what a DDO member ought to be, and the love of my life.



Mikal has had one of the shortest - if not *the* shortest - paths to the Hall of Fame. But you can tell just from looking at his ELO and how long he's been on the site. In nearly 6 months, Mikal went from "new member" to "top debater" in terms of ELO. In only 11 months, Mikal passed the 9000 ELO mark. For those who watch Dragonball Z, you know why being "over 9000" is so significant.

It is doubtful that another member will ever catch up to Mikal. It took Roy five years to get to an ELO of 7,750. Danielle has been on the site for 6 years and was one of the most prolific debaters ever, but her ELO is only 6,600. Like Danielle during her heyday, Mikal is willing to debate anyone about pretty much anything. He has done debates as diverse as "Goku vs. the Hulk" to whether the SAT should be abolished. He has destroyed countless users in rap battles - master lyricist that he is. He has been willing to defend the honor of members, such as in a debate defending that Ore_Ele should remain a moderator (against allegations that he should be removed due to a silly prank). And most importantly, some people questioned whether Mikal had serious debating chops, but he put those questions to rest by beating RoyLatham in a death penalty debate - winning by one of the highest margins ever seen in a debate between such competent members.

Mikal has some serious debating skills, but many of those who know him think of him first as a very great friend and second as the debating-juggernaut that he has become. Mikal has done a lot on the site to foster a sense of community. He's created threads praising other members, when the tone was previously overly critical. Mikal was also responsible for bringing people on the site together via Google Hangouts, either to play live mafia or to just shoot the breeze (I'd say "shoot the sh#!," but Airmax might shoot me). Mikal was actually the first one to pioneer offsite chat sessions, and his friendly personality was critical in bringing together a group of users who had previously been nothing more than nameless and faceless usernames to each other. Mikal is willing to talk to anybody and for those who have seen his IDGAF interview series, you know that when talking to Mikal, minutes can quickly turn into hours. He has the serious gift of gab and really puts the people who talk to him at ease. There really couldn't be a more friendly guy, and Mikals joining DDO has really revitalized the site. He has ensured that many members who were contemplating leaving have stayed. His personality always draws people back in.

If you haven't already met Mikal, you should. If you haven't already debated Mikal, you are lucky. And if you're still reading this and aren't in awe of Mikal, you should be.

He's climbed the ELO ladder to dizzying heights and at near-inhuman speed. He's just about the friendliest and nicest guy you will ever meet. And he always keeps things around here interesting. #nofilter

- Bluesteel


Bladerunner, the current site president, won his election by staggering margins and he has stood out for his thoughtful demeanor, dedication to the site, and monumental voting efforts. Yet, as I write this, I feel it necessary to address the allegation that Bladerunner and I are the same person, which I first responded to with disbelief. But after overcoming the initial shock of being accused of having another account, I couldn't help but feel incredibly flattered.

Bladerunner is, in many ways, everything that I am not, and possesses characteristics I wish I had. He is one of DDO's most respected members, because he has dedicated himself to DDO in ways that very few ever do, and committed his time and efforts to improving DDO in ways that are already apparent.

That type of dedication lead to his election as the DDO president, and speaks volumes for what he can accomplish in the future. No one could ask for a better friend than Bladerunner, and no community could ask for a more dedicated President. For all of his positive contributions, and his commitment to ensuring a better DDO, Bladerunner has earned his place in the DDO Hall of Fame.

- Airmax1227


Kleptin is the main reason I found this site. I remember doing research for the death penalty and I came across one of his debates. After reading through the entire debate and seeing what a great debater he was, I decided to make an account. Since then he has been one of my favorite debaters and has helped shape my debating style.

If you've ever heard the term resolution sniper, Kleptin is the father of it. He can debate a topic from 10 different angles and still leave his opponent in tatters no matter which angle he chooses. Add this in with the fact that he is a top 5 debater, and it makes him one of the best debaters the site has ever seen. He is also one of the first people to adopt the concept of pick your own topic debates. He would set these up and allow his adversary to chose the topic and debate them regardless of what it was. He will almost debate anything at anytime.

In addition to everything mentioned, Kleptin is one of the original members to be here at the inception of DDO. In fact he was on the site when it was He is a great guy and the embodiment of what a hall of famer should be. He is more than willing to help someone improve their debating skills, or just offer advice on anything you ask him. If you have never had the chance to interact or debate with him, I would advise that you make an attempt to try. He is a great person and great debater. Kleptin has deserved this spot for a long time and it is high time he got in. His dedication and the amount of years he has put into the site, along with his impeccable debating skills, rightfully earns him a spot in the hall of fame.

- Mikal Moderator
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1/22/2015 7:47:05 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Hall of Fame Debates

This House Believes That Sense Experience Is The Ultimate Source of Knowledge

Who Would Make a Better Husband for YYW

U.S. militia groups pose a greater threat to our national security than do FTOs

The problem of Slytherin

Hall of Fame Threads

DDO Presidential Election Voting

Imabench reacts to my reelection


Hall of Fame Members


The greatest measure of any DDO user is their willingness to contribute to the community through their ideas. After all, that is what debate and intellectual discourse are all about: exchanging, evaluating, and developing ideas and concepts in a way that is accessible and that enriches the minds of the users who partake in those discussions

There are few members who contribute to DDO's fabric in such a fundamentally praiseworthy way as whiteflame. He is one of this site's best debaters, and one of the most logical, meticulous thinkers I have ever met. The way in which he breaks down ideas, and the way in which he presents them such that anyone can makes sense of them, is the pinnacle of debating artistry.

But, while he is one of the site's foremost analytic thinkers and debaters, he is also a kind, generous person. It is almost impossible to dislike whiteflame. He is mature, responsible, and always respectful; this combination of talent and humility go a long way to explaining how deserving he is of his election to the HOF.

In the end, though, it always comes down to ideas, and few users display whiteflame's knack for constructing, presenting, and breaking down those ideas. And that really is the bottom line--the crux of why he has earned, beyond doubt, his place here.



SocialPinko, also known as Noumena, has been a member of DDO for a number of years between four different accounts. Between his accounts, he has also accumulated around 18,000 forum posts over the more than four years that he has been a member here. He is most known for his extensive interest in philosophy, and specifically of the philosophy of Michelle Foucault. However, he has also debated virtue ethics, veganism, gender identity and a range of additional subjects which spans political theory to gay rights. As a self-described left-wing Nietzshean, SocialPinko's novel perspective has definitively enriched any conversation he has participated in, when he elects to offer it.

His philosophical interests are really diverse. Currently he's known for liking Michelle Foucault, but in the past it's been, as far as we can remember, Hume, Marx, Kierkegaard, Kropotkin, Karl Popper, Sartre and more. He is incredibly well read, mostly non-fiction. He's probably most associated with political philosophy but we've seen him make great posts in pretty much every area of philosophy, from phil of mind to phil of science.

Spinko likes continental philosophy, but is not restricted to it, and his willingness to change his mind and the broadness of his interests reflects a model intellectual ethos which few can rival. He often compares points of view and makes connections between thinkers and theories both of us have noticed, which indicates an extensive grasp of philosophy. He's not known for wanting to be everyone's friend, but he is known by many as a pleasant guy, and conversing with him can be equally pleasurable as interesting.

- Phantom and YYW


If members were asked alternatively to identify the best debater, voter, and person on the site, Raisor is an individual who would frequent every list. His debating prowess is almost beyond reproach, rivaled perhaps only by his endless ability to cast quality votes. Despite all of this, Raisor doesn't seem to have a boasting bone in his body, treating everyone with a high degree of respect and dignity, as well as showing almost endless patience in explaining his decisions and helping others improve on their skills. One of the most long lived members, Raisor's seven year career on the site has seen many changes to the website, but one thing that hasn't changed is the way he conducts himself with characteristic modesty and grace.

A man of few words, yet unknowingly a mentor to many, Raisor should be any novice debater's first stop when trying to learn not only how to properly structure arguments but also how to treat everyone involved in the debating scene with respect.

A common sight in every facet of DDO's community including the forums, debaters, and hangouts, Raisor is a valued member of the site whose very presence enriches it's members.

- Thett3 Moderator
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8/20/2015 2:20:10 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Hall of Fame Debates

Global Warming is Man-Made

The DDO presidency should be abolished

The USFG should eliminate its nuclear armed ICBM force

Hall of Fame Threads

The Weekly Stupid: The Movie

Imabench presents: Project 54

3k friends milestone thread

Hall of Fame Members


I think we have all been in this situation. You log onto a site a meet someone that has an avatar for a picture. You begin to associate them with that avatar, and that is what they are to you. As time progresses and that image fades, that avatar begins to shape and warp into a personality. Then something in your mind clicks, that avatar is actually a person. That was my first experience with Zaradi. A simple conversation and a subconscious decision to label him by his default picture, but when I actually met the person behind the avatar, my life significantly improved. That person behind the avatar can turn out to be a lot of things, but for me it turned out to be a best friend.

Matt is so deserving of this spot in the hall of fame I can hardly put it into words. He has touched everybody on the site in countless ways, but I want to share what he has done for me. There are times when I can't sleep and I'm having a rough day, and his phone is open to talk. I can call him at any hour, or any time, and he's always willing to listen. He will deprive himself of sleep to make sure that I feel better, when I'm having a bad day. He goes above and beyond the call of a friend. From countless nights of playing League of Legends all night, to late nights on google hangouts, the times I've had with this dude, show and exemplify his character. He has always had my back from the moment I've met him, and he's always been a great friend.

Now that we have established he is a good person, let's establish why he is in the HOF. He has racked up nearly 5k elo beating over 85 percent of his opponents. Almost all of his debates, even his fun debates are of high of quality. He has invested countless hours of time into mentoring younger members and help them become better debates, and even recently got elected as the DDO membership vice president. He has invested his time into hangouts and community building, and went as far as to also pledge to be a permanent mentor in the new user sections. He also posts frequent content into the fan fiction section of DDO, while being an active leader, mentor, and player in the mafia side of the community. All in all , I can't even name everything he has done for the sight because there is so much and the list would go on longer than I have to type.

For all those reasons and so many more, It's evident that Zaradi/Matt deserves a spot in this terms hall of fame. From me, thanks for being a great friend and I cannot express my gratitude for everything you have done for me. From helping me when I was at my lowest point when you did not have money, to staying up when you needed sleep to talk when I needed it. I also think I speak for the community when I say, thank you for all the countless hours of devotion and effort you have put into DDO.

- Mikal


16K is one of the brightest young minds here on DDO. A proud republican, one of the few true embodiments of moderates left here, and a profound intellect. 16K is by far one of the most improved members of the site, and is a testimony to how much better DDO can make an individual.

16K began, and me and him had a rocky relationship. 16K would go on a hiatus, face a trial and almost get kicked out, be consistent in vote bombing members in the so-called former voting glory days, and participate in the long lost Republican voting bloc together. His return was widely celebrated, and no doubt his debates always garnish huge sums of attention. 16K was a different person, and heck, the guy even won me over!

16K went from all of that, to being one of the best members of the site. So much so that frankly, even as I write this, I'm surprised he wasn't in the DDO hall of fame earlier. I was proud to nominate him as the first member, and I'm even more proud of DDO community for acknowledging both the huge personal growth he has displayed, his noted accomplishments of defeating Roy, Danielle, Mikal, among others, and his story. That story is pretty clear: we should all strive to be more like 16k. Polarizing figure, or accomplished debater, whatever anyone"s opinions on 16k are, there is no doubt that DDO isn't the place it is today without 16k.

Congratulations 16k! I cannot think of anyone more deserving!

- TheHitchslap.


In terms of debate, the one thing I've always admired about F-16 is his growth mindset: he treats each debate primarily as a learning experience. This is reflected in the high quality of his opponents, the diverse range of debate topics, and ironically his undeservedly low Elo. That said, F-16 has beaten many debaters with twice his Elo. On a good day, there's no doubt that F-16 can go toe-to-toe with anyone. F-16 has also been a consistent contributor in many of the forums, engaging in controversial yet civil arguments. For a brief period, he moderated voting, and did so at a very high level. In short, he's contributed to DDO on multiple levels. But where I think F-16 has made his greatest impact, and where I really got to know F-16, is mafia.

F-16 is easily the most feared mafia player on DDO. His play is relentlessly smart, never condescending, and always game-changing. Every player on the site has glaring weaknesses in their play, except F-16. As town, his analysis is thoughtful, his reads accurate, and his voice persuasive and influential. In the unusual event that he mislynches, F-16 is the rare player who takes full responsibility for the mislynch, and then proceeds to reevaluate the entire game until he figures out why and where he went wrong. This drive to solve the game is remarkable; the effort F-16 puts into each game he plays never ceases to astonish me. And make no mistake, F-16 is just as impressive as scum. He effortlessly contrives cases and pushes mislynches while tricking even the best townies into following his lead.

Personally, I've learned more about mafia from F-16 than any other player. Like with debate, part of what makes F-16 so much fun to play with is his growth mindset; it's contagious to everyone else in the game. In fact, F-16 is so much fun to play mafia with that I even started playing on mafiascum just so that I could play more games with him. That"s a testament to his ability to make mafia both challenging and enjoyable, in short, everything mafia should be. DDO's mafia community would not be the same without F-16's contributions.

- Fourtrouble Moderator
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1/17/2016 9:41:22 PM
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Hall of Fame Members


There are many traits that make one worthy of the HOF: debating skill, a desire to contribute, a genuine and likable personality, a great intellect, and more. Those that have these traits in abundance earn the community's respect, and, in so doing, earn the vote of confidence that is induction into the HOF. DK has, deservedly so, received this vote of confidence.

He won this respect in part through dedication to the site that he has repeatedly demonstrated. His efforts on the "DDO: Census" program, organizing the Voter's Union; efforts in contributing to fan fiction; and his volunteering on the Presidential Advisory Panel; etc., all attest to DK's dedication to bettering the site. The litany of achievements and contributions that DK has accrued are immense, and few members have given up their time, effort, and even their money in pursuit of the community's happiness to the extent that DK has. His investment in DDO has earned him the plaudits of the many users who have benefited from his efforts.

He has also won this respect due to his undeniable debating skill and his friendly personality. He has given debaters such as FT, Larz, Romanii, Zarro, Mikal, and, of course, myself, a run for their money, and saw one of his debates become the most commented in DDO's history. As someone who has debated him, I can personally attest to his accomplishment in that regard. I can also attest to his personality, and I consider him a friend of mine, one of the first I had the opportunity to make.

All considered, DK's qualifications for this-those HOF worthy traits he exhibits-have great depth and breadth, which is why he earned this community's vote of confidence, and it is why he makes a superb addition to this institution and to the site as a whole.

- Bsh1


On a site where we place a fair bit of value on statistics and hitting the top of the leaderboard, FT is one of the more underrated debaters among us. He has consistently taken on the best debaters the site has to offer in a range of hard-hitting, current issues like Affirmative Action, Drug Legalization and Animal Rights. What I admire most about FT is that if he finds something he's passionate about, he gives it everything he's got and invests himself completely in the activity at hand.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in his contributions to mafia. Mafia has been a cornerstone for a significant portion of the site's members for over 5 years. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we can easily divide these years in half (before FT & after FT). No one in the history of our community has revolutionized the game more than FT has. Before FT, mafia was a logical puzzle of roles, mostly lurky players with no true passion for the game, and analysis of behavior didn't exist. FT's entrance was eventful not only for his own contributions but due to how he challenged everyone to give their best. Others wanted to compete with him at his level. This spawned a golden age in DDO Mafia in late 2012 and early 2013 of highly competitive, active, and passionate play and changed the entire outlook of how players approached the game.

FT is easy to talk to, respectful, as well as thorough in his forum and PM conversations. You'd rarely see him lose his cool even when discussing the most sensitive issues in the forums. He's undoubtedly been one of the pillars of our community.

- F-16_Fighting_Falcon


Controversial, intelligent, quirky, and active-these are all words that make a member on DDO notable and give them the stature deserving of a space in the HOF. Wylted is all of these things and more, and his place in this pantheon is one that is indisputably earned as a result.

His career on DDO has been controversial, including debates that became flash-points of disagreement and discussion. For many, I think it would be tempting to reduce his time here to a list of these incidents, but this would do both him, and his contributions to the site, a great disservice.

While many may be familiar with his his more publicized debates and his Khaos-worthy mafia gambits, he has garnered my recognition as one of this site's most user-conscious individuals. During our time chatting, he has repeatedly stressed the importance of getting new users involved, and floated ideas on how to get that done. Whenever we talk about issues of importance to this site, his approach is always rooted in that goal. His personal outreach to new and under-involved users, including his bid for the Presidency, which deliberately sought out these users, as well as his willingness to be a ringer in Beginners' Mafia, among other things, further attest to his dedication here.

Moreover, Wylted has a knack for debate, one I experienced firsthand. His impressive ELO and sizable win count notwithstanding, he really has the ability to put forth quality arguments worthy of any acclaimed debater.

Thus, Wylted has not only contributed to this site through his efforts to assist various marginalized segments of DDO, but also added to the rich fabric of this website's history. He is a capable debater, active voter, and a regular in the forums. He has captured this site's attention during his 2 years, and never let go. And, for all of these reasons, has won this community's recognition in the HOF.

- Bsh1


BOT has devoted many hours into making DDO better, and a great deal of this effort goes unnoticed as much of what he does goes on behind the scenes. He has devoted himself to voting, made multiple voting committees, and pledged to vote on unvoted debates. His efforts have now culminated in being placed into the hall of fame, and even to deputy vote mod. He is a great member that contributes a great deal to to the site, and he definitely deserves it.

As much effort as he puts into voting, he also puts that same effort into other areas. He contributes intellectually, is a great friend, and is also active in the social aspects of the site. If you ever need a player for any game, or just want to have fun, he is the perfect person to invite.

He is also an elite debater with 100 debates and only 1 loss, debating anything from LSD restriction, annihilating people in rap battles, to video games causing harm to children. He is a member that will debate almost anything, and his record speaks for itself.

More than anything I've listed, BOT is a great friend. He has reached out to me in times of trouble, offering help when he did not have to. He's gone above and beyond to help me achieve my own personal goals, stood by me despite some of my crazy choices, and he is a loyal friend that I hope I will never lose. Talk to him if you get the chance, he is one of the most genuine, kindhearted, and caring members that has graced DDO and it is with great pleasure that I welcome him into the HOF.

-Mikal Moderator
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1/21/2018 7:17:06 AM
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Hall of Fame Members


Normal methods fall short here. It is only right to honour Skepsikyma, the great spirit, by distilling his essence. The natural narrowness of vision makes it impossible for one person to take in Skepsikyma's breadth. His impact is far-reaching - it is only fitting to look to those for whom it looms the largest.

What I see, vividly: an image of a purity of green complimented - not marred - by the speck of a brown cabin. A field caressed by lovesick hands. Vines bearing truth to be plucked over a life. A man, on a hill, in solitude, but not alone. The grass blending into the trees into the sky towards which arms stretched while legs knelt, eyes focused while shut, body shied while soul opened. A stream saving all from absolute silence.

It would be a crime to deprive those closest to him a voice...

"The thing about Skep is that he's gay, but he's good." - SeventhProfessor

"To call Skep a jack of all (intellectual) trades would be an understatement. Where else could one hope to find a reactionary/communist Luddite, traditional catholic, botanist, subsistence farmer, wine expert, and cutthroat debater?" - Thett3

"I'm too lazy to contribute." - DylanCatlow

"Skep is the only person on this site who still makes posts that are worth reading. Everyone else is a joker." - Romanii

This is Skepsikyma.



What is there to say about Peters? From her endless love of Dodge, feminism, and writing, to her contributions to the site as a polls and spam moderator, she has left lasting impressions on the community here. It's why we voted her into the HOF in the first place.

She has been--by far--this site's greatest, fiercest champion of the oft-derided portions of this site. She championed the polls section and sought to bring it the credibility and recognition it deserved by weeding out the garbage there and advocating for its users whenever the opportunity arose. She invested her time in areas of the site and engaged in site services no one else would. Being a spam moderator is pretty much a thankless task, however necessary it is to the functioning of the site. And she did all of the things she did with her characteristic bluntness, sarcastic wit, and meme-tasticness (seriously, she's the Meme Queen).

Behind the scenes, she was always friendly and supportive, and she genuinely cared about welfare of the site community. She is someone I count as a friend. She had a big heart, and perhaps that is the best compliment anyone can receive.

So, what is there to say about PetersSmith? Just this: she is DDO royalty, and let no one ever dispute that.



Bossy: If there's one word to describe Bossy, it'd be enigmatic. This isn't because of his debates, posts, or even personality, but his history on the site. 2017 was his five year anniversary on his original account, which he started at age twelve. You'd think a guy raised on DDO would be more emotionally disturbed, but he's been surprisingly unscathed. Anyone who can survive DDO for so long is a hero, but someone at that age? He deserves a medal of honor.

Joking aside, Bossy is one of the most prolific, active members of the site with a total of 18,000 posts and 108 (mostly lost) debates across his two accounts. However, this activity isn"t the reason he"s in the Hall of Fame; he"s in the Hall of Fame for his content. Like most DDO members, he"s a mild eccentric, but in his case it"s for the best. He unapologetically holds some of the more unconventional views on DDO. From my knowledge, he"s the only objectivist on the site, or at least the proudest one. Plus, with threads ranging from critiquing fashion choices of other members, sharing his philosophical beliefs, to trying to find a date via DDO, his posts are some of the most diverse of any member.

Here, I'd like to share my personal connection with Bossy, because it's rather significant. First of all, I used to see him as this oddball who likes Ayn Rand a little too much. Granted, he's still that person, but now he's also one of my best friends. Whenever I need advice, I can always count on Bossy to give a levelheaded, balanced perspective. He's the guy I share movie recommendations with, the guy who is always up for a late night hangout, and the guy who always sends me pictures of his cat when I'm having a rough day.

Overall, while strange and mysterious, Bossy's presence on the site is a much needed breath of fresh air. He's an important member, and he"s made a huge impact just by being himself. Whether it be marketing Raisor Rubles, starting a DDO Film Club, or helping with the DDO History Project, he's doing what he loves with zero shame. His place here is well-deserved.



Tejretics ("Tej") has been a member of DDO since January, 2015. It is no understatement to say that he has become one of the most well-regarded debaters on the site. His intellectual curiosity is matched only by his desire to improve as a writer, critical thinker, and debater.

He has completed more than 130 debates as of this writing, of which he has won more than 95%. In addition, he is extremely well read in both fiction and non-fiction. He is well rounded, as is evidenced by his interests in music alone. Tej's contributions extend well beyond debates, as well. He has amassed thousands of forum posts, he has case more than 725 votes on debates, and he has fostered conversations ranging from debate theory to judging practice.

The extent of Tej's contributions are especially highlighted by the fact that all of them are done in a second language. One can only infer that outside DDO, he is a model student with a vibrant and promising future wherever he pursues a college education. My bets are that he applies to and gets accepted at Oxford, in England.

In his accomplishments, drive, and will to learn, it is no understatement to state that Tej represents the best among us. We hold him in the highest esteem, and his spot in this Hall of Fame is most deserved.

-YYW Moderator