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How do I transcribe a video easily?

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7/11/2019 7:18:35 AM
Posted: 1 week ago
Transcribing a video can be easy and hard, All at once. You may wonder why I said easy and hard! Sometimes deadlines can suck up your energy and you may be left with very little mind space to concretely work on transcribing your own Videos. But there are a few key factors one must remember before transcribing a video. There are 3 ways in which you can approach this in a quick and hassle-free answer:
1. You can do it yourself, Manually
2. Take automated transcription service from YouTube
3. Check for a service provider who will help you or seek professional assistance
The upside of doing your video all by yourself is the satisfaction you would get in completing it single handedly. Well, Apart from satisfaction, I suggest you look into the major downside. If your video is big, You would have to work on it for hours and if you have a deadline, It could be very hard for you to comprehend the same. Manually doing it, Is both time consuming and hard on the pocket.
YouTube transcribing is great, Because it is free and most outstandingly quick to deal with. But again, Let"s not forget the unreliable results you might face. The voice recognition has widely made a great stride, But it also has poor pick up from mic and becomes grossly inaccurate. Google promises an 80% accuracy for YouTube transcription - but is 80% good enough?
The third option is the most steadfast and reliable source of transcribing. I have been dependent on the Transcription Now for all my transcription and translation services. Transcription Now is one of the most dependable online service providers that ensures 99% accuracy, Confidentiality, 24/7 customer support, Timeliness and notably, A very neat and clean job for decent prices according to market standards. Their services branch out to videos, Audios, Even certified and document transcription. Transcription Now is definitely my go-to for all my video transcription needs and more. My friends had told me that big companies like Transcription Now could take up to 5-6 days to deliver the final output. But, To my surprise, I got it in just 48 hours! I highly recommend Transcription Now for all your video transcription needs.
Visit: https://transcriptionnow. Com/Video-Transcription-Services. Php