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How to choose name for a new born baby

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8/27/2019 6:00:22 AM
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Here is the top Baby Girl Names 2019 for you.
Create a simple, Unique, Effective names for your baby girl.
Because it"s last long and you definitely need after having a baby girl.
Look below to our lists of girl baby names including most popular, Cutest, Unique, And of course uncommon and beautiful baby girl names. We have almost every baby girl name you could imagine.
Bhavani " Goddess Parvati
Binita " Modest more baby girl names
Bishakha " star
Brinda " tulsi
Bina " understanding
Bimala " Pure
Bhavini " Emotional or Beautiful Lady
Chaaya " life
Chaitaly " Name of an ancient city
Chakrika " lakshmi
Chaman " garden
Chameli " Creeper with fragrant flowers
Chanchal " Active or Goddess Laxmi
Chandani " Moon light or A river
Charita " of pleasant character
Chasmum " chase
Chavvi " Reflection or Image or Radiance
Daksha " -The earth
Dhriti " Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue
Divya " Divine or Divine Luster
Diya " Lamp
Dalaja " Produced from petals
Damini " Lightning
Damyanti -. "soothing"; "subduing"
Darika " Maiden

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