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what is scrapbooking

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8/9/2020 6:08:14 PM
Posted: 2 months ago
Have you ever put together a photo album and decorated everything, With stickers, Drawings, Glued papers, Stamps, Etc? Or a travel notebook? Or a nice agenda to give as a gift? If the answer is yes, Then you probably already know what scrapbooking is. Basically, It is the art of assembling our photo albums (and other notebooks or books) decoratively. The fans of this activity told us that the ideal is to make each page tell a story or have a theme. Obviously, Those who have been doing this for a long time, End up making real works of art! In this age when we all have thousands of photos archived on our computers, Scrapbooking helps us remember the beauty of printed photos and how to make them look better in a nice album. You want to know more? Visit this web

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