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Everything to know about UAE imports and Expo

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10/21/2021 6:56:47 AM
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Looking for freight forwarders in Dubai? Here is everything you must know about. In recent years, UAE has become a hub for international trade for countries between Asia, Europe, Africa, And the CIS countries. UAE has been positioned as a hub for trading due to the significant exports of crude oil and petroleum-based products. Furthermore, UAE is prominent for importing food items, Machinery, And equipment. Based on this extensive demand for import/export in the Emirate, We will introduce you to their primary trade practice.

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Primary imports in UAE

Among the many import items, UAE is popular for many primary imports. Below is the list of the significant imports you must know about before partnering with a freight forwarding companies in Dubai:

Food items

Due to the geographical nature of the United Arab Emirates, The country finds it hard to keep a sustainable production during the entire year. The climate in the UAE is generally hot during the days and colder during the nights due to the expanse of desert land. Due to this, Freight forwarders in Dubai, Like SLR shipping services, Have a diversified network of shipping agents for an easy flow of goods. The biggest import partners of UAE are United States, Oman, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria, And the United Kingdom. Moreover, South Korea and Pakistan provide additional rations to their market.


Chemicals play a significant role in the healthcare and scientific development of countries. Without a perfect stock of chemicals, It is impossible to maintain a healthy flow of medicines. Chemicals are used as raw materials for medicines and other chemical-based products. Freight forwarders in Dubai import chemicals significantly from countries like United States, Australia, Germany, India, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, And the UK.

Equipment and machinery

The UAE is positioned on the second stage after Saudi Arabia imports equipment and machinery, Mainly from the United States. The emirate imports several types of equipment and machinery, Including medical equipment, Industrial machinery, Cars, Power generating machinery, And general industrial equipment. China is also among the top imports of manufacturing equipment to the UAE.

Primary exports from UAE

UAE has been a heavy exporter of many natural gases. , Oil and petroleum. We are going to introduce everything here:

Crude Oil

Crude oil has been the greatest strength of the UAE for maintaining strong international trade activities. Due to the abundance of crude oil in the emirates, It appears the hub for exporting worldwide. Abu Dhabi, The capital of the UAE, Depends mainly on the revenue generated by exporting crude oils. SLR is a multimodal freight forwarding companies in Dubai capable of transporting all types of goods, Including crude oils.

Natural gases

UAE has been positioned at 7 for holding the most extensive reserves for natural gases across the globe. It is a significant exporter of natural gases. Each part of the UAE maintains a separate production and controls on its own. The entire Emirate produces 4. 65 billion cubic feet of natural gases regularly.


UAE holds the 4th position of exporting date fruits across the world. Among all parts of the UAE, Dubai alone has 40% of the entire dates production. The major countries using freight forwarding companies in Dubai exports dates UAE include Oman, North Africa, South East Asia, And Europe.

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