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Deion Sanders on Racism Double Standard

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8/3/2013 6:13:08 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Earlier today, during the NFL Network's Hall of Fame pre-ceremony show, Deion Sanders led the NFL Network panel discussion about Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper's recent racial slur caught on camera (and subsequent, temporary absence from team activities).

This has been, by far, the most articulate analysis of this story that I've yet heard. More important, it truly hits to the heart of racial politics/political posturing in America today. (Perhaps Al Sharpton can learn a thing or two from Primetime.)

"First of all, I'm a man of forgiveness because God has truly forgiven me.

"What bothers me is how we, as African Americans, can say the 'N-word' to one another. We can listen to it in almost every rap song. And even distribute it amongst each other in the locker room, on the field---but it's not okay for another race.

"So who is racist? I think it involves the both of us.

"[Riley Cooper] said something under pressure that really told us what's inside of him. I can forgive him for that. But I cannot think for one minute that you have not said something in your home, in your workplace, at a club/party, or just amongst friends that you don't want to get out. And you got the audacity to judge this kid?

"I think he's a kid that made a mistake. But it baffles me how we [African-Americans] can say it to one another, but when another race says it, we have a problem.

"You don't ostracize a man because he made one mistake. Put a microphone on everybody on the darn team. See what everybody says.

"What's the most prominent movie that was in the country this year? We talked about it earlier. Django [Unchained]. We didn't hear it there?"

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