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How to Use Google Flights for 40% OFF?

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8/27/2019 9:48:47 AM
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Are you planning a trip to Dubai from Houston in winter? SO you can get a cheap flight deal by Google flights. We will tell you about the steps which dates are precisely are going to be for the trip. So, Do as we are going to describe the steps, Follow them and you will have your deal.

How to get cheap flights for Dubai Via Google Flights?

First of Clear your cache from PC or laptop. It would help if you opened the incognito browser. Now when you have opened it, Go to the Google websites. On the site, You can see the flight search interface in the departure option, Type Houston. Now click on search.

After this Google Flights Search will show you the list options of the trips. Now go to dates, There choose flexible date option, Then from the month select your months trip. Ideally, One week in Dubai is enough to explore it. So, Choose the one week time duration. Do you see the map? Move the map to over African continent. You will see the list of trips will get updated again. Dubai should be on the top if it is not scrolled down the list to view it. You will see two notice things.

By Google flights, You will find a deal of less than $800, Which would cost you more than $1200 in standard situations. The date for this deal is between 1 December and 9 December 2019.

Visit@: https://www. Deltaairlinesreservations. Flights/google-flights/

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