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malawi news Update

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9/6/2019 6:44:22 AM
Posted: 2 weeks ago
Let us give you some brief introduction about BizMalawi. BizMalawi is the largest business directory. Our mission and vision is to help the people of Malawi with a quick solution they seek online weather its properties, Social events, Jobs, Business listings and so on.

You can have numerous advantages from this marketplace.

" You can find from corporate to Social Events.
" Be notified about ongoing Business Advertisements to help your business to succeed by building huge awareness within our various channels.
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" You can search Jobs in Malawi, New Job posting and finding to help the youth of Malawi, We believe that helping to get the right job to light up the futures and local businesses to get the right talent for their organizations.
" You can see types of Classified varying from Renting to Selling different items such as Goods, Cars and Properties many more.

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