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Package Interior Construction of Hanoi

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8/19/2020 2:17:38 AM
Posted: 2 months ago
Demand for package interior construction in Hanoi is increasing. Young families with a decent standard of living always want a more comfortable apartment. Therefore, Instead of buying furniture separately, The owner of Hanoi chooses a package design. This helps the living space to be more luxurious and aesthetic. Here, We would like to introduce this model of interior construction (https://noithatduongdai. Business. Site/)
package Hanoi super beautiful. This is a newly finished product of Contemporary Furniture, Welcome to admire!
Package interior construction in Hanoi with 5-storey townhouses
A feature of Hanoi townhouses is the narrow floor area, Many floors. That is the reason why it is difficult to decorate the interior of the homeowners. However, With the help of the designer, Things will be much easier. The designer will decorate the interior according to the owner's preferences and still match feng shui. In addition, The package interior construction helps homeowners save time and incurred costs.
Model of interior construction of Ms. Giang in Thuy Khue, Tay Ho. Contemporary Furniture has been fortunate enough to design and complete the entire apartment. Her apartment is a 5-storey townhouse with an area of R03;R03;50m2 each. So, It is not difficult for us to decorate the most luxurious and convenient family space. Giang's townhouse is designed in a modern style. Industrial wood furniture against humidity of An Cuong is the most advanced.
Luxury living room of Hanoi interior package model
We have designed a luxurious and intimate living room space for Ms. Giang. The living room space is not only a reception place, It is also a place for family gatherings. Therefore, The living room should create a bond between the members and visitors to play. The sofa in the living room is warmly lit by us. Soft sofa material is covered with high quality leather to help people sit more comfortably.
The glossy glass tea table is painted in attractive black. The decorative shelves and TV shelves are designed in a rich and luxurious brown color. Not only that, The living room is splendidly decorated with large chandeliers and round floral motifs. Modern and youthful style makes the living room more impressive.

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