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Switching Majors Help

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6/26/2013 11:46:30 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
So starting of as a freshman, I switched my major from architechture to graphic design and finally settled with photography. At our school you are given two chances to present your work to determine if you qualify for the BFA program which I was trying to pursue. I applied for a review my first semester of my sophmore year and didn't make it into the program due to bad grades, lack of creativity, and not much work to showcase.

Instead of giving it a second try, I automatically switched my major to a BA in Music since I play 4 different instruments and enjoy music so much. I figured I would do studio music work such as composing, arranging and teaching students on the side. I finished my second and third year completing all my music classes with fairly good grades.

Then over the summer, I went on an art tour to Europe and my passion for the arts returned and I found that my skill and eye for creativity increased dramatically. Now I look back to people in the music major and I feel like I just don't belong. Everyone is an expert mucisian interested in all these 5 hour long classical concerts and on the side they compose all these classical arrangements and its more of just a hobby to me and I can find myself to enjoy the classical music as they do.

Now I want to switch back to photography. I enjoy photography. You will always catch me with my camera and trying new techniques but I onky have one more year in the music program and there is no point in changing now. I believe I now have a better chance at getting into the program. I am more focused, so my grades are better and I believed my skill has greatly increased from sophmore year. When I compare my work to others in the program I sometimes feel my work is at their level and sometimes better and people can agree with me. I even sometimes find myself helping and teaching some of the photo majors new techniques and they ask me why I'm not a photo major (they don't know I switched). So do you think its wise to switch back now with only one more year left or should I just finish the BA in music and try to pursue a MFA when I graduate. Is it possible to enter an MFA program with a BA?
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6/28/2013 3:48:21 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
K, I have no formal training in this type of stuff, & am not familiar with music, art, or photography. But I do like brainstorming & problem solving (other peoples problems, not my own :P). Seeing that no one else replied to this post, I figured it can't hurt to throw out some ideas off the top of my head. So here goes:

1) 1st, see if you can actually get in, if you can't, there is no decision to be made.
(Unless trying to get in is harder than making the decision itself.) It would be a shame to go through the trouble of deciding, only to find out that there was only one option.

2) I don't see all that much detail in your description of the actual dilemma itself. I would suggest doing a cost benefit analysis.
Think & write down all of the reasons for and against each option, what are the benefits and consequences of option A, and what are the benefits and consequences for option B. This will give you a much clearer picture of the question/dilemma at hand.
(Include reasons/biases that you know/believe to be not good reasons, but you feel they are pulling you in one direction or the other. This will help you understand the different pulls and currents going on at a more subconscious level, and be aware of these "wrong" biases.)

3) I personally have a lot of trouble doing this, but if you can, try to give a number value to each positive and negative consequence. If you can do this, it will make the decision much easier as you'll be able to "quantify" which option is better.

4) Speak to a (few) college guidance counsellor(s) as they will have training, experience and insight. I would recommend doing #2 first so that you have a clearer idea of the dilemma when you present it to the counselor. The counselor may even be able to hep you with your cost benefit analysis.

5) I see that you're Christian, so you'll probably want to pray to God for guidance & maybe speak to one his "messengers" I.E. Religious leaders/guides that you trust.

6) Speak it over with as many people as you can; parents, professors, friends, relatives, role models, (Community leaders) etc.

7) This may be a bit expensive and unnecessary, but you may want to consider setting up a meeting or 2 with a life coach (or psychologist) to help you analyze & think things through.

Good luck!

((If you feel comfortable doing so, you could add the results of your cost benefit analysis in this thread, & others may have more insights/advice for you once they know more of the details of the dilemma at hand.))
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