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Total indifference

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8/15/2019 9:29:17 PM
Posted: 1 month ago
The USA is swept by the next wave of mass shootings. Everyone who comes under the arm of a gunman gets bullet wounds. They spare neither children, Nor churches parishioners, Nor even ordinary civilians shopping in their free time.
The beginning of August 2019 shocked America and the world society again. In less than a day two gunners in different states of the country opened fire on civilians, As a result of which about 30 people died and more than 50 people were seriously injured.
The 1st tragedy happened in the morning of August 3 at one of Texas malls. A young man armed with a rifle easily entered the store and opened random firing on people, Among whom there were many parents with children.
The 2nd tragedy took its place in Ohio in 13 hours after the first shooting event and took the lives of nine unsuspecting citizens and seriously injured 27 people.
By the way the gunners are not only adults but also the rest of the population from children to the elderly. It should be noted for those who forgot about the events when in September 2017 a 3 year old child wounded with a gun other children and in a month later, 64 year old Stephen Paddock killed 58 people who came to the concert to listen to music.
As for 2018, Then 339 mass shootings were recorded, In which 370 people were killed and 1, 3 thousand were injured. Moreover, According to journalists, Since the beginning of current 2019, The 251st mass shooting has already occurred in the United States. So, Such incidents occur in the country almost every day.
Powers of a number of countries like Japan, China, Uruguay and Venezuela are also concerned about safety of their citizens traveling to the United States, And advise them to be aware of the possibility of firearms incidents in America and to pay close attention to security measures. However, President D. Trump stated in response that America will reciprocate.

All and not only these facts indicate the need for global changes in American law and especially in the field of weapons. After all, The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, Which allowed Americans to carry weapons, Put the States in first place in the world in its using.

Why after occurring of the next mass shootings, When a new wave of public opinion rises about the limitation of the carrying of arms, Does all the debate and speech of politicians quickly subside? By the way, D. Trump is not a supporter of the limitation of firearms, Although he promised to study this issue in the near future.

And while the US government discusses the next bill, The US arms market will be replenished with new types of weapons and continue to realize its sales. For example, Anyone can buy a Maxim 50 shotgun now, Since it is not subject to federal laws, And there is no need to pay taxes and get a license.

As a result, According to the US president, The guilty are recognized as mentally unhealthy, And racism, Which he actually supports, Is becoming a possible cause of the wave of mass killings. Moreover, He, Smiling radiantly, Is photographed with children orphaned after shooting at El Paso. And this is not the first time that the president uses children for his stupid photo shoots.

Thus, The head of the state is "deaf to the need to be decent" and deliberately ignores the role that the US president should play during national mourning or crisis. His real image consists of comments made in the direction of careless statements on the lawn of the White House.

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