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The Democrats could win in 2020

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8/18/2019 1:44:44 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
WIN? Win what. . . A new TOILET? Because that is what they represent. . . . They are the
epitome of TOILET PEOPLE. . .

No doubt Big Business, China, Russia, +++ many other governments and special interests want GOOD OLD BOY BIDEN so they can RAPE the HELL out of AMERICA. . .

Nothing new. . . America is 400 years old still an INFANT compared to the other Countries
around the world and just like all DYNASTIES they RISE and FALL. . . America is now an
ILLUSION. . . The MIDDLE CRASH is the constant. . . Which makes room for more contamination by outside invaders who bring NOTHING but STUPIDITY and OPEN HANDS
to take everything the AMERICAN IMBECILES will give them. . . . Leaving the Middle CRASH class to struggle even more. . .

his DEALS will be undermined and replaced with more of the same idiocy that will
take the AMERICAN DREAM ILLUSION to the GRAVE. . . Just like before when the DEMOCRATS take over which will be a planned event. . The ECONOMY will CRASH
again. . . Businesses will run away and take the MONEY with them. . . . America will be open for ECONOMIC TAKEOVER. . . . Land. . . Buildings. . Businesses. . . Ihealthcare +++ will
be destroyed by Government interference. . . Costs will SOAR. . . The masses will SUFFER

Any person who thinks GOVERNMENT is for the people is a FOOL. . . Government is a GAME BOARD. . . Players come and go vying for power and control. . . In the long run
EVERYONE LOSES except the wealthy! DAH. . . Welcome to EARTH idiots. . . .

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