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What is America ready for rights in the Arcti

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8/22/2019 12:36:41 PM
Posted: 1 month ago
It's not a secret that recently, Interest in the Arctic has increased dramatically, Especially now, When it is covered by anomalous heat. And due to global climate changes, Arctic waters have become most favorable for shipping and natural resources development.

Among a number of countries that show great interest in this "fight" for resources and influence in the region, The United States speaks louder and more often, Citing any "facts" that could allegedly discredit Russia's activities in the Arctic.

So, For example, According to Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan, Russia's actions in the Arctic lead to the "militarization" of the region. Moreover, He called for the construction of additional facilities in Alaska, In particular, A new naval base. Most likely, The reason for this proposal was the reluctance that the Northern Sea Route and other riches of the "ice region" were under Russian control. Moreover, It is possible that attacks on Moscow are necessary for D. Sullivan only to get additional funding from the government.

Also, The US, In its desire to "squeeze" Russia's influence in the Arctic, Even announced the sensational offer of President Donald Trump, As the purchase of Denmark's largest Northern Hemisphere, Greenland. The acquisition of the island may allow the States to strengthen its military presence in the region, "getting close" to Russia not only from the east from Alaska, But also from the west from Greenland. Moreover, If the warming in the Arctic continues and it is completely free of ice, A new sea corridor may appear: Greenland - North Pole - Alaska - Asia, Which could be a significant competitor to the Russian Northern Sea Route.

However, According to experts, These assumptions and statements are absurd, Because the Northern Sea Route lies in the economic zone of the Russian Federation, To which Washington can have absolutely nothing to do.

Furthermore, It is known that Russia is strengthening its military capabilities in the region only for defense purposes. After all, There is an opinion that a fierce struggle will unfold in the coming decades for control of this region. Nevertheless, Moscow constantly advocates peace in the Arctic and the cooperation of states, And continues to do what it should do in this situation - preventing even the possibility of warfare in the region.

Thus, The United States continues to escalate passions about "Russian aggression" in the Arctic, And American desires and claims for rights in the region are at odds with Washington's capabilities, Because, As you know, The country has only one heavy icebreaker. Moreover, It is very old and unstable.

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