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U. S. Provocations

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9/3/2019 1:09:18 PM
Posted: 2 weeks ago
Technically, America"s fast testing of a cruise missile with a range of more than 500 km is hardly surprising. It is clear that that work began even before the United States announced its withdrawal from the INF Treaty and that it began during D. Trumps` presidency.

With a decrease in the payload and design capabilities of the "Tomahawk", It is quite easy to increase the range to a mark of just over 500 km. Such opportunities were clear long before the tests, Which the United States actually demonstrated.

Obviously, This is a continuation of Trump"s policy - not to give, In particular, China an advantage in medium-range missiles, And also to exert pressure on Russia. However, Medium-range missiles are the basis of China"s nuclear forces and there is no reason to refuse them just like that. Does the United States provoke two nuclear powers to conflict?

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