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A Election Was Held

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11/9/2016 4:32:10 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
"A Election Was Held" and the country now is awaiting to find out if a machine sponsored politician will win over the common man, whether the vested interests of the well connected will win over the interests of the working class citizens . Americans have during this election heard the rhetoric of a polished politician whos whole career has been built upon her bogus claims of protecting and fighting for those without a voice in government, she was going to be that voice representing the unrepresented. Hillary Clinton railed against the unfair advantage of the greedy rich in this country . But all the while that Hillary Clinton was railing against the rich and greedy she her self was a part of the very class that she proclaimed had a unfair advantage over the working middle class citizens. Hillary Clinton claimed to have a deep affection for the middle class but her associations were always with the well connected in society, not with those who she professed a deep commitment to. "A Election Was Held," in this country and those of the working class listened once again the polished politician, Hillary Clinton, mouthing the same old words of promise that they had heard so many times before, the same old promises to make the world a little more fair if she was elected president. But this time a politically unknown has came upon the stage and he too is promising to be the voice of the unrepresented in this country. The question that the working middle class is weighting presently in this election is who do they trust, they have heard the polished politicians words and promises to be their guardians against the wealthy and the greedy and their promises turned out to be just words on which they never delivered upon.
Should the middle class now continue to believe the words of the practiced polished words of those politicians who have repeatedly failed them in the past or place their hopes in the amateur running for president Its a gamble which may be worth the risk, the words of the polished politician is beginning to be insulting and aren't believed anymore, perhaps its time for a new voice to be listened to, who knows maybe this time this amateur running for president just might mean what he says.

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