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Think positively!

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11/9/2016 11:05:46 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
As an outsider (I live in Germany), there was something good about Clinton loosing the election. Now there's no need for Trump to activate his followers against a woman president. It's a fact, that only one third of Trump voters would have accepted Clinton as president. Some even said, they would use Force against Clinton.

At least, the good news is, there won't be a new civil war (we hope).

The real question is, what will Trump make of his victory? In his book "The Art of the Deal" he wrote that you can't fool people for long. You can stir people up and make all sort of promises that make people feel good, but if you don't deliver, people will figure it out.

Will Trump deliver?
Will he build a wall on the Mexican border? Will he send send 11 million foreign workers home? Will he restore lost jobs in the US? Will he reduce government debt? Will he be able to beat the Islamic State without embarking on a new military adventure?

Will he be able to make America great again?

What will Trumps supporters do, if he doesn't deliver? Will they turn against him, or will President Trump (yes, we must get used to using this terminology) be able to convince people that it's not his fault, but the fault of a corrupt system, an Obama legacy?
Or will he come to realize how puny the power of a president really is? Will he leave the day-to-day job of running the country to Mike Pence? If not, he could lead America into new war, to cover up for his failures in interior affairs?
Will he really exit from NATO? or start a trade-war with China, thereby bringing about the next global economic crisis?

Or will things not turn out so bad, after all? Will he be a rational and pragmatic president?

I believe, at this point the outcome of the Trump experiment is completely open.

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