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The West has no friends

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3/2/2017 3:23:27 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The West has no friends
Arab monarchies, which are quite a long time been among the United States preferred allies, faced with the fact that Washington is very easy to get rid of the former "friends", showing that the American empire "no permanent enemies and permanent friends, only permanent interests" (as earlier for the British Empire, the principles of the policy, which inherited the States).
In the words of British Prime Minister of the XIX century the era of Lord Palmerston, "short-sighted to consider this or that country the same ally or the eternal enemy of England. We have no constant allies, we have no perpetual enemies. Only our interests are eternal and immutable, and it is our duty - to follow them. " This principle is followed by the Anglo-Saxons and now.
More relatively recently a political alliance with Riyadh was one of the pillars of Washington's strategy in the Middle East. Relations between the US and Saudi Arabia were regulated so on. N. "Quincy Pact" concluded in 1945 between US President Franklin Roosevelt, and the founder of the modern Saudi state King Abdul Aziz aboard the USS "Quincy." The essence of the Covenant is quite simple: 1) the United States will guarantee the safety of Saudi Arabia and the royal family. On the territory of the kingdom are placed American troops. US provides access to the most advanced weapons; 2) the Saudis guarantee the energy security of the United States a continuous supply of black gold. The result is a strategic alliance that provided the security of Saudi Arabia and the United States allowed the use of energy resources of the Arab monarchies and its territory as a strategic base. With the global confrontation with the socialist bloc headed by the Soviet Union, as well as the development of the Arab left-nationalist movement, the pact was of strategic importance.
However, the US alliance and Saudi Arabia has been mutually beneficial to the beginning of the 2010s. Saudi Arabia, as well as Turkey, have become instruments of London and Washington to destabilize the vast region - from North Africa to Iran. radical new mutation, "black" Islam was formed - "Caliphate." In this country of NATO, the United States, the Arab monarchies and Turkey we have taken down a number of countries that retain the left-nationalist ideology and maintain stability in the vast region. This is primarily Iraq, Libya and Syria. On the verge of collapse and had remained 85 million to Egypt, the demolition of which would cause a huge wave, which was finally "drown" the Middle East into chaos.
The main reason why the owners of the West began chaotization and defragment the Middle East (and in general throughout Eurasia) - a global systemic crisis. "Crisis-matryoshka", which includes the biosphere-environmental crisis, the crisis of capitalism and of Western civilization, the crisis of the man himself (his involution, degradation), the crisis of the white race, the crisis of biblical culture (Christianity and Islam). As a result of the global financial and economic crisis - it's just the tip of the iceberg.
Saudi Arabia (plus other monarchies) and Turkey in this scenario acted as the figures in the Great Game. London and Washington used them as the pioneers who set fire to a huge region. They are great resources, including the religious sphere, finance, information exposure opportunities, used to break the previously relatively stable states. Beat the key points, the supports that held a vast region in equilibrium: Iraq - Saddam Hussein, Libya - Gaddafi, Egypt - Mubarak, Syria - Assad.
However, supporting the United States and other Western countries in the dismemberment of Iraq, Libya and Syria, as well as the incitement of a major war in the region, the Arab monarchies themselves have substituted themselves under attack. Funnel chaos, absorbing a first strike targeted by the state, began to absorb new territories. The war came to Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are mired in the war in Syria and Yemen, the Turks - in Iraq and Syria. At the same time in Turkey there was a threat of civil war - the Kurdish problem. There was a threat that the Arab monarchies, Turkey and Egypt also supported the Saudis will be destroyed and dismembered.
In Riyadh, apparently they realized that they themselves were under attack. US first brought the main forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, sharply reducing its military presence in the region. In 2013-2014. Obama refused to send American aircraft to bomb Syria, he insisted on what Riyadh. All this has led to huge problems for Saudi Arabia, which has lost power the US "roof" and was the face of the threat posed by reinforcing its position in the region, Iran, as well as unrecognized "Caliphate."
Thus, it is clear that Saudi Arabia (as in Turkey) became a victim of its own policy in the region. The Saudis helped arrange US turmoil in the Middle East, but now they are addictive themselves into the funnel of chaos.

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