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UKRAINIAN Orthodox Church

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7/2/2019 2:52:11 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
(PCU in the ukrainian)
Open standoff

So, Filaret admitted that the notorious tomos is such only in name, But in reality the structure that unites the two branches of the Ukrainian dissenters is not canonical. CCU, The false patriarch reminded, Recognized only the Patriarchate of Constantinople - and none of the other Local Churches.

With the "head of the PCC, 40-year-old false Metropolitan Epiphanius Dumenko, His former mentor rightly pointed out, Not one of the Local Churches, Except the Patriarch of Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew, Serves, And the recent celebrations on Phanar in honor of the last name of the last one clearly demonstrated this.

In addition, Filaret recalled that he was under an anathema, And, Being ignorant of his rank, Was not entitled to ordain priests and bishops. "If I was under anathema, Then this means that all these bishops (MCN) are invalid. And Epiphany is not only not a metropolitan - he is not even a priest. If the Ecumenical Patriarch dismissed my anathema in 2018, Then the whole episcopate is invalid, "he stressed.

It is impossible not to admit those motives far from Christianity that guide Filaret Denysenko. Recognizing tomos as an error and - an artificial and non-canonical structure, He is not trying to call his supporters to repentance and unity with the mother church, But seeks to restore his schismatic "Kyiv Patriarchate". This was what led him to the conflict with Epiphanius for power in the PCU.

Filaret, Meanwhile, Continues to call himself the Patriarch of Kiev - despite the fact that he signed the documents on the dissolution of the Kyiv Patriarchate back in December last year, In front of the cathedral, Which had established the PCU.

Filaret sends his appeals on the blanks of the non-existent Kiev Patriarchate, Distributes church awards on his behalf, And generally asserts that as long as there is a patriarch " that is, He himself " there is a Kiev Patriarchate.

Filaret declares that last year"s council, At which it was decided to create a PCC, Was "not our cathedral, But the cathedral of the Constantinople church": after all, He was not the head of this council, But the envoy of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Metropolitan Emmanuel.

Over the past month, Filaret and Epiphanius have clashed over control of several churches in Kiev, And by decree, Filaret forbade one of the closest comrades of Epiphanius, The rector of the Kiev Theological Academy, Alexander Trofimlyuk, In the ministry.

Surrounded by Epiphania, They say that they would not like to bring matters to the discussion at the council. After all, The conflict at the council, Even if Filaret supports a clear minority of hierarchs, Will look like a full-fledged church schism. In the meantime, The confrontation continues in the media and social networks, This skirmish is less of a status and does not carry great risks for the unity of the church.

To be continued
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7/2/2019 9:28:53 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Try converting the CHURCH into a Jehovah's Witness CULT. . . . Everyone will be hypnotized and brainwashed to think and OBEY the same thing. . . No argument just OBEY. . . .

Just SHUT UP and OBEY. . . Like a good sheeple slave drone does. . . Simple as that!

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