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"TOILET" of the GODS = Abrahamic HOAXES

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9/11/2019 6:33:21 PM
Posted: 1 week ago
3500 BC. . . . Jew Tribe leaders have gathered to discuss ways to get the HELL out of EGYPT
and slavery. . . . . AH HA! Says one of them, YES this will work. . . Indeed! WHAT will work
ask the others. . . . "GOD" will save us! He said. . . . We shall unite the TRIBES under 1 GOD
instead of the many we pray and worship to. . . ZOROASTRIANISM has flourished for
hundreds of years and it is based on a 1 GOD concept. . . HAhahaha. . We shall do the same!

We shall INVENT a GOD that serves the JEW ONLY! HAhahaha! Our GOD! Then we will TWIST and MANIPULATE other stories of GODS in the region and make up our own BOOK of GOD! (Torah) HAhahaha. . . We shall become our own civilization with our own ways. . . HELL with the others and there many GOD ideologies. . . HAhahaha. . . We shall become"THE CHOSEN PEOPLE of GOD" the only GOD that matters the JEW GOD! HAhahaha. .

Then came the MOSES meets GOD hoax and the Comic Book EXODUS garbage. . . All STOLEN MATERIAL twisted into the JEW STORY BOOK HOAX. . . The Sumerians, Assyrians,
Zoroastrians, Egyptians, +++ countless other GOD story books were tapped into to
create and validate the JEW GOD garbage. . . ! What a SCAM!

Then 1500 years after the MOSES meets his GOD garbage. . . . JESUS the boy wonder PUPPET MESSIAH fool arrives. . . . And in a short time he is BEAT UP and NAILED to a cross to ROT thanks to the JEWS. . . The JEWS who condemned him and colluded with ROME to have him HUMILIATED and EXECUTED!

The JEWS sacrificed much since their MOSES JOKE and their position in ROMAN society 1500 years later was not going to be screwed up by some lame FAKE JEWISH MESSIAH BOZO = Jesus arrival! So the JEWS made sure this idiot was reduced to ashes!

BUT. . . . BUT. . . As ROME always has done in the quest for POWER the JEW boy MESSIAH
hoax was PLAYED into a NEW SPIN. . . And ROME rose again in 300 AD when Emperor Constantine declared approved JESUS as the only GOD! A slap. . . BIG KICK in the JEW
CROTCH by the EMPEROR who made it clear ROME was not going to FALL but RISE
this time under the cloak of a CHURCH with their NEW GOD. . . JESUS! Hahahaha. . .
the Emperor must have been ecstatic with CRUSHING the JEWS and rebooting the
EMPIRE using the JEW 1 God construct!

ROME now had an ARMY of CHURCH slaves who would gladly sacrifice their lives and
MURDER / DESTROY all who do not OBEY the CHURCH of ROME and their JESUS PUPPET toy GOD!

600 years after JESUS MURDER. . . ALLAH arrives and ISLAM goes on an assimilation rampage just like the ROMAN CHURCH did!

3 utterly worthless "GOD" hoaxes each used as scapegoats to reduce humanity to
TOILET level. . . Dumb them down, Oppress them, Enslave them. . . Keep them in FEAR
this is what the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD inventions are all about. .

and of course their "GOD" as the ultimate excuse to BEAT-TORTURE-RAPE-BURN-DESTROY-MURDER-ENSLAVE-EXTORT-STARVE-IMPRISON- all who defy the CON ARTIST
parasite VAMPIRE preachers / prophets / leaders and other psychotic CLOWNS of the]
Abrahamic Religious CIRCUS of HORRORS. . . The TOILET of the GODS. . .

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