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Members who called Ethang5 a sick liar

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9/5/2020 4:14:02 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Read the number of people who called you a liar.
You are a rambling very black negroid lunatic. We have you confessions nigger Ethang6.

Anon to Ethang5: If you can't stand by your words without calling Harikrish a moron and liar, Which he is not, Then your behavior proves you do not walk your own talk. You do not stand by your own words. You do not have intellectual integrity:

SingularityofLight wrote: Unlike Ethang5 who is among the worst deceivers, You are not a liar Harikrish.

What members on DDO are saying about Ethang5.

How another black Astro2 responded to Ethang's posts?

Astro2 wrote: Harikrish The Bible will make you do irrational things I like to call It Bible Hysteria.
And No I don"t know any Black People that would even think about going to Ghana.

You are offensive even to blacks nigger Ethang!

Astro2 wrote: Ok Boomer Please don"t say your a conservative Ethang because you acting like Libtard and an ahole.

Astro2 wrote: Lol you can"t really blame the man I mean he lives in Ghana infested with malaria, Slums dangerous animals drugs and filariasis.

Astro2 wrote: think you are finally coming to a realization. . . That you have wasted most of your life supporting a evil and fake god!

Post#5 could Jesus heal amputees?
https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/110517/1/
Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: So, Several posters have now pointed out YOUR ignorance, Showing that there were indeed amputees in that era,
So, My question is, Why do you so readily call others ignorant while writing about things you clearly know nothing about?

Smithereens-->@Ethang5: Consider this a rebuttal to your ignorant views of history: https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov. . .

Woej-->@Ethang5: No. You didn't. You meant that there were no amputees. We can tell that by your, Unqualified exclamation that" there were no Amputees! " Now you are lying about what you intended in an attempt to back-peddle from an ignorant statement.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: You can't bring yourself to admit error, Let's suggest that Jesus Beebe did meet an amputee.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: Still, He's managed to hide how stupid his point is by making a stupid error and being too dishonest to admit it.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: How can we debate when you just flat out deny error when it's clearly shown to you?

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: You didn't ask any question. You made a silly excuse about a straw man argument, Then wouldn't admit you made a glaring error.

Bulproof-->@Ethang5: hahahaha you lost when you first posted there were no amputees, All of your lies since just prove how pathetic you are.
I bet he doesn't respond.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: the only way you think you can win is with obstinate stupidity, I'm satisfied you're dusted.

ArtyMarty-->@Ethang5: Yet again, No demonstration of your assertions whatsoever, Just insults. As I said, Keep digging, You started the thread and yet still haven't been able to demonstrate how your god can cure so much as a wart. . . . To be honest you're an embarrassing advocate for any religious view if that's the best you can do.

Goldtop-->@Ethang5: You're intellectually dishonest so you're claim of hating you is just another lame excuse for you not to admit you were dead wrong. Ha!

Still, As an instructional exercise, It is good to note he won't ever admit error, And one should tailor the extent to which they take him seriously by that measure.

Wizofoz-->@Ethang5: So, After calling people all kinds of names for pointing out you said "No amputees", You now carefully edit my post where I said "I've never heard anyone use the argument that Jesus didn't heal amputees", And go on to highlight examples of the argument they DO make.
whole point was exactly that people highlight the lack of amputee re-growth, But said I've never heard anyone refer to Jesus not doing it.
None of the above does either.
That's beyond carless or mis-speaking. You are now a Christian engaging in blatant false-witness in some bizarre attempt to maintain pride.
You are a fascinating study in how religion can turn someone completely dishonest.

Desmac-->@Ethang5: Gentlemen, Please do not forget that Eth is not above altering other contributor's posts to improve his own tenuous positions.

SingularityofLight wrote: Unlike Ethang5 who is among the worst deceivers, You are not a liar Harikrish.

https://www. Debate. Org/forums/religion/topic/4343867/
When asked who was the nigger that buggered him
Franklin replied. CONFESSION:The Nigger was ohhhh gasp Nigger Ethang

Anon to Ethang5: If you can't stand by your words without calling Harikrish a moron and liar, Which he is not, Then your behavior proves you do not walk your own talk. You do not stand by your own words. You do not have intellectual integrity:

Anon wrote: TS, You said it is not a match when it is. Why are you lying? I have posted the link to show the truth. Harikrish is an actor doing what Yahweh tells him to do. He is not a liar or moron. Yahweh has buried you two liars alive.

Anon wrote: EThang5, Lying snake in the grass. Hari's post is providing evidence that He did not misquote you, And He did not.
Liar. Liar. Liar. Thank you for proving ministers of Christianity lie. Now we all have undeniable proof.

Anon corrects Tradesecret. . Tradesecret The post is about matching his links to "ETthang wrote" because EThang5 was accusing Harikrish of misquoting him when he starts with "you wrote"! Why are you lying? I posted the link to prove you are lying. Babblo-on you lying snake in the grass. Everyone can see you are lying and to say the quote does not match, When it does. The link is referenced to a few sentences that match perfectly, You liar.
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9/5/2020 7:22:20 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
What members on DART are saying to nigger Ethang. They are not very flattering.

First we find Ethang5 posted on Nov 2018 which was less that a year ago that he lives in Ghana
Post #35 Title Siding with Death. Added: Post dated Nov 2018
https://www. Debateart. Com/forum/topics/664/siding-with-death? Page=2
Ethang wrote: I live in Ghana, A huge cocoa producer.

Ethang5 meets Melania Trump during her visit to Ghana in October 2018
Title Mrs Trump.
https://www. Debateart. Com/forum/topics/461/mrs-trump
Ethang5 wrote: I had the pleasure of meeting the super beautiful First Lady of our great nation. She was funny, Kind, And treated us like real people.
To my great honor, I was able to assist on some small errand for her. What a privilege! My daughters met her too. It was a thing to remember for all of us. What a classy lady.

Nigger Ethang is a white butt licker.
With the economy going the way it is, And foreign policy going the way it is, I think I'll keep Trump with just the qualities he has. Darlings of Europe are a dime a dozen. Good presidents are rarer and vastly more valuable.

Ethang5 wrote: I know a little girl in Ghana that needs 10, 000 Ghana CEDI's ( their unit of money) which comes to $200.

"So here your telling salixes that there"IS"a girl in need of an operation AND THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT, But" then, " hey presto, When pushed on the matter you tell us all that she has had the operation and all is fine. " YOUR A FKN LIAR! And anyone and everyone can see this to be the case. "

And a black butt licker.
Ethang5 found true nigger love.
Anonymous wrote: I will tell you why my penis is God. First, Every time I fap it cums successfully, And I do it every single day. It feels so good. Two, Every time my penis dies, I die. Three, Every time I cum on a nigger, The nigger gets blessed because me and my penis like niggers. Niggers are so cool and they use their brains! Legends say that I came on Barack Obama, Which is why he became president. Fourth, I use my cum on cops, And they disappear.

Post #21 title Americas Greatness An Immune System
https://www. Debateart. Com/forum/topics/145/americas-greatness-an-immune-system?
Goldtop to Ethang5 : First of all, You claim to live in Ghana, Is that also a lie?
No one cares about your alleged travels, You have yet to put a single source for your usual over the top claims.
Plenty of hot air, Though.

Ethang5 replies: Also? Lol. Yeah, Cause a claim of living in Ghana is a social booster.
Note: Ethang does not deny he lives in Ghana.
Goldtop destroyed Ethang with this: We can see that Ethan is forced to turn his attention to telling me what my life is about rather than supporting his claims in the OP, One of them already destroyed with facts. We're still awaiting Ethan to do something other than blow hot air.

Post #26
Post #9. Title Art as proof
https://www. Debateart. Com/forum/topics/117/art-as-proof
Drafterman to Ethang5: I see a distinction, Even if you don't. And again, I'd appreciate it if you didn't "interpret" my answers for me, Especially when you interpret them to mean the opposite of what I claimed.

If you think I'm saying yes when I am explicitly saying no, Then I am going to bow out of this conversation.

Post #112 title Does Humanity need a God story?
https://www. Debateart. Com/forum/topics/12/does-humanity-need-a-god-story? Page=5
Ethang wrote: Sorry, I don't feed trolls.
Vagabond admonishes Ethang: You just are one.
What you mean and have always meant is that you can't handle the information I supply and certainly can't answer any of my questions honestly. You just release your anger when the lies you tell are confronted by me and you simply can't respond. I feel sorry for you.

You are everything you hate about yourself which you tried to project on others. But Harikrish exposed you.

What members on DART are saying to nigger Ethang. They are not very flattering.
Beelzedad wrote to Ethang: If you're only capable of denial and ad homs, Please don't bother to respond.

Beelzedad wrote to Ethang: Tantrums are also not intelligent responses. Grow up.

Beelzedad again: --> @ethang5
You really need to grow up. Your immature tantrums and ad homs are not welcomed.

Beelzedad--> @ethang5
Stop being a troll and grow up. Your behavior is not welcome.

Beelzedad--> @ethang5
Perhaps, If you learned to behave like an adult, Stopped throwing tantrums and responded intelligently, You might warrant further engagement.

Beelzedad -->@ethang5
Insults and bullying are not welcome behavior. Grow up.

Insults, Bullying and harassment are not welcome behavior.

Bullying is not welcome.

Wylted wrote: I can't really stand debating black people, Because of sh? It like this. Https://www. Debateart. Com/debates/1179? Open_tab=arguments
It's honestly not even a challenge to debate blacks and if you are black do not accept a debate with me, Because I don't feel like wasting my time debating somebody with an IQ of 85, Just to get to the foregone conclusion. I am one of the lowest ranked debaters here, But sadly still undefeated against the negroid population.
Does anyone else have similar experiences debating blackie?

Post#44 can I own slaves according to the bible?
https://www. Debateart. Com/forum/topics/3626/can-i-own-slaves-according-to-the-bible? Page=2&post_number=44
BrotherThomas wrote: ethang5,

Nice try, But again, No cigar! "Listen, Some of us obviously know that you have a hard time with reading comprehension of the English language, Of which I have had to school you often, But once again, It took you how many days to come up with this new and current ruse of yours by adding other posts in different forums? "Why didn't you come up with this insidious notion at the onset, But only bring it forth now to try and save face once again? It is because of your normal MO of grasping for those straws that aren't even there to begin with! ROFLOL!

Not only do you have reading comprehension problems, But you also have terrible math skills, Insomuch that you understood that the time period that I gave everyone, Which currently is ONE YEAR, 6 MONTHS, AND 3 DAYS, Was related to your Religion Forum non posting! " H-E-L-L-O, Anybody home again? NOT!

When you have absolutely NOTHING to gain from posting to me, But knowingly just further embarrassment, Therefore I suggest that you just don't post! Don't you get it yet? "You are done!


Franklin: What's the difference between a black dad and a boomerang
The boomerang comes back.

Franklin: ok
a black priest-holy sh? It
black jokes-dark humor
God burned them

Franklin: good one
There is a bike for 50 bucks, A blakc jew wants it, He asks his dad, Hey dad am I jewish or Black
Dad: why son
Son: Becuase i wan to know ifn i should bring the price down or steal it

SupaDudz: What do you call a black girl that takes her tampon out?
Cotton picking

AvoidDeath: What do you get when you cross a black dad and a black mom?

Bmdrocks21: What do black people and tornadoes have in common?
It only takes one to ruin a good neighborhood.

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