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Shithole India moves Closer To Worst

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9/26/2020 3:35:57 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
www. Worldometers. Info " country
India Coronavirus: 5, 915, 753 Cases and 93, 461 Deaths - Worldometer

As they say, Creme always rises to the top and shithole always sink to the bottom.

Indians die like pigs as the moron spams over and over that Ethan is black.

Lol! What a moron.
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9/27/2020 3:51:11 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
ethang5 wrote:
www. Worldometers. Info " country
India Coronavirus: 5, 915, 753 Cases and 93, 461 Deaths - Worldometer

As they say, Creme always rises to the top and shithole always sink to the bottom.

Indians die like pigs as the moron spams over and over that Ethan is black.

Lol! What a moron.

Nigger Ethang5, You confessed you are a very black, Very sick unemployed slumdog living in slum city Accra Ghana a shithole country.

Corona virus rankings. . .
USA 7, 185, 471
India5, 818, 570
Brazil4, 659, 909

And your moron spam posts. Best evidence there is that India is a shithole.

In a few weeks, Shithole India will be #1 and the Hindu moron will still be here spamming the same stupidity repeatedly.

That is the evidence loser.

What you left out are the important facts like deaths, Recovered cases and active cases.

USA deaths 210, 000. Recovered cases 4. 6 million, Active cases 2. . 6 million.

Brazil deaths 142, 000

India deaths 94, 000 Recovered cases 5 million, Active cases 964, 000

Breaking news why India has low death counts and positive attitude.

Majority of Indian Covid patients asymptomatic as infections top 3 million

Nearly 80 percent of Covid-19 patients in India have shown little or no symptoms of the infection, According to the health ministry. The figures, Published in a new study, Came as the number of reported coronavirus cases on the subcontinent surpassed the three million mark.

An analysis by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) in Delhi has concluded that as many as 80 percent of Indian Covid-19 patients are asymptomatic or have shown very mild symptoms.

Analysis of data from the top five high burden Indian states confirm the trend with young people, Mostly asymptomatic, The major drivers of the epidemic.

Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are the states with the highest number of cases in the country.

A similar study carried out in May by scientists of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) showed that 28 percent of 40, 184 people who had tested positive for Covid-19 between January 22 and April 30 in India were asymptomatic. That figure has now risen dramatically.

"In almost 80 percent of the cases of Covid-19 which are being reported in India, The patients tend to exhibit either nil or mild symptoms. These patients are mostly contacts of confirmed cases, " said health minister Harsh Vardhan.

"Had it not been for our contact tracing efforts, And if left to their own in isolation, These patients may not have even remembered or reported their infection, " he added.

Medical experts suggest that a large number of asymptomatic patients represent a major source for the further spread of the disease.

India reported 60, 975 new cases of Covid-19 and 854 deaths in the last 24 hours, Pushing the tally to over 3. 17 million cases including 2. 4 million recovered patients, According to the health ministry on Tuesday.

Exposure high in urban areas

With over 58, 000 deaths, Only slightly behind the toll in Mexico, India is the worst-hit country in Asia and third behind the United States and Brazil in terms of number of cases globally.

Last week, The World Health Organisation said people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, Most of them asymptomatic, Are driving the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Many are unaware they are infected, " said Takeshi Kasai, The WHO"s Western Pacific regional director.

A similar trend seems to be underway in India, With data from the ICMR suggesting that people aged between 21 and 50 account for 61 percent of all Covid-19 cases recorded.

According to one study in the US, Asymptomatic Covid-19 cases could be the key to understanding how a larger population can develop immunity against the virus.

"It is an intriguing hypothesis that asymptomatic infection triggering immunity may lead us to get more population-level immunity, " says Monica Gandhi, An infectious-disease specialist at the University of California.

"A high rate of asymptomatic infection is a good thing. It is a good thing for the individual and a good thing for society, " Gandhi says.

Over the weekend, Authorities in India said as many as 90 patients were found to be asymptomatic among 97 new Covid-19 cases reported in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

New hotspots continue to emerge in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states in India's north, And in the southern states of Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
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3/19/2021 3:15:18 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
Nigger Ethang5 you are just a very black low IQ very sick unemployed negroid slum-mutt living in slum city Accra Ghana a shithole country. You have no winning topics. Africans are the worst in every statistics from Disease to crime to phenotypes to blackness to ugliness to Christianity's role in African slavery.

Indians must be the healthiest people in the world. Their population is expected to surpass China.

"The current population of India is 1. 4 billion as of Thursday, March 18, 2021, Based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

Since you like to compare.
African death tolls from AIDS and starvation.
AIDS, Starvation
Today Africa is:
1. AIDS capital of the world.
2. Rape capital of the world ranked 1. South Africa, 2. Botswana and 3. Lesotho.
3. 1, 700 years of African slavery. Slavery is all Africans know.
4. Africans now sold in Libya as slaves.
5. Aids could kill 90 million Africans, Says UN
6. 25 million Africans to die from starvation (UNESCO report).
7. Nothing good has ever come out of Africa.

The American experience with negroids after slavery.

1. 30% of Africans are incarcerated (in prison).
2. 30% of Africans are unemployed.
3 40 percent of African American males drop out of high school.
4 Only 30% of black children are born to married couples
5 African Americans had the highest poverty rate, 27. 4 percent, Followed by whites at 9. 9 percent.
6 45. 8 percent of young black children (under age 6) live in poverty, Compared to 14. 5 percent of white children.
7 Nationally, Each black home is worth $48000 less on average compared to white homes.
8 The median income for black households is a little less than 60% of that of white households.
9 According to the Federal Reserve"s Survey of Consumer Finances, The median wealth of black households is $16, 000, Compared with $163, 000 for whites.
The rest are either drug pushers or pimps

African slaves were owned and traded as slaves by Arabs (1, 300 years), Romans, Portugues and Christians (400 years). Note, All descendants of Shem and Japheth.

Estimated African slaves shipped during slavery periods by European and Arab countries.
European. 12, 5 million 14. 4%. Slaves that survived 10, 7 million.
Arab. 80 million 85%. Slaves that survived 12 million
Total slaves shipped 92, 5 million slaves that survived 22, 7 million.

Total estimates on white Christian Europeans slave trade before it was over as many as 60 million Africans would be killed for the profit of white Christian imperialism.
"The largest slave trade in the history of the world was created by white Christian Europeans. Before it was over as many as 60 million Africans would be killed for the profit of white Christian imperialism. A key reason for the high death toll was the tidal wave of war and desolation that the slave trade unleashed into the heart of Africa. Huge numbers of people died being marched to the coasts of Africa from the interior as well as in an endless series of wars produced by the quest for new slaves. Millions more would die in concentration camps at both ends of the sea journey, And significant numbers would die due to the appalling conditions on the slave ships. "
From African slaves to African shitholes.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=j61X3m50Hn0

Arab slave trade.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=5OdIqeWkhHU

Why European enslaved Africans.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=opUDFaqNgXc

The Atlantic slave trade.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=3NXC4Q_4JVg

Libya Slave trade.
https://m. Youtube. Com/watch? V=dV7o31P4q4g

News flash!

India"s Covid recovery rate is 97. 3%, Amongst highest in the world: Health ministry

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Sunday said that India"s Covid 19 recovery rate is amongst the highest in the world with a 97. 3% record. Meanwhile, The case fatality rate today stands at 1. 43%, One of the lowest in the world, An official release stated.
As per the ministry, Since October 1, 2020, The nation has seen an unabated decline in the case fatality rate and today it stands below 1. 5%, I. E. 1. 43%, The lowest in the world. It has also been recording a steady decline in the number of daily new deaths with only 92 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.
The official release also stated that 6 states account for 78. 3% of the new deaths. Maharashtra saw the maximum casualties (38). Kerala follows with 16 daily deaths. Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh have 5 new deaths each.
Meanwhile, More than 10. 6 million people have recovered so far, With a recovery rate of 97. 31%, Which is the highest in the world. The difference between the recovered and active cases has grown to 10, 4 million today

As on the 29th day of the vaccination drive, More than 8. 2 million people, Mostly healthcare and frontline workers, Have been vaccinated till today. On Saturday, India started rolling out the second shot of coronavirus vaccine for the beneficiaries who were given jabs on 16 January when the drive began.
According to the doctors, The second round of Covid-19 vaccine booster dose is to be given to a beneficiary after a gap of 28 days.

All vaccines that are being administered require at least two doses for the immunity to kick in. The interval between the jabs varies between 12 to 28 days.
Experts have said that the first vaccine shot is designed to train your body to recognise the killer virus and ramp up the immune system, Which is the body's defence system against the infection.
The second Covid-19 vaccine dose, Which is called the booster shot, Further boosts the immune system of your body. "Hence it is imperative to maintain COVID-19 appropriate behavior even after receiving the coronavirus vaccine, " Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan had said earlier.
However, Experts have clarified that the second shot can be taken anytime between four to six weeks from the first dose.
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7/27/2021 2:42:12 PM
Posted: 6 months ago
Devastating Human Toll as the Delta COVID Variant Takes Hold in Africa

The surge in the Delta coronavirus variant in Africa is set to cause hundreds of thousands of deaths in the coming months absent a dramatic scaling up of preventative measures and COVID vaccine access.

While parts of the world have seemingly begun to turn the page on the pandemic, COVID"s third wave is the headline story across Africa. There has been a near tripling in the number of COVID cases and 30, 000 fatalities on the continent since the end of April when the Delta variant emerged in Uganda.

Panic and fear are taking hold in many communities as the number of people losing family and friends rises exponentially.

A Third Wave as the Delta Variant Becomes Dominant

26 African countries have seen their confirmed COVID-19 case numbers jump by approximately 50 percent or more in June compared to May. 17 of these 26 countries have confirmed cases of the Delta COVID variant that drove India"s deadly surge.
The Delta variant, Now confirmed in 22 African countries, Has been found to spread 225 percent faster than the original virus. 5, 600 people across Africa have died from COVID in the first week of July. This represents a 43 percent increase from the previous week. Actual rates are likely even higher given that many of the affected countries have positive test rates near or above 15 percent.

Nigger Ethang5 had been repeatedly reminded Africans are dying in the millions from AIDS, Starvation and civil wars.

Africans leads the world in AIDS deaths(100 mil), African starvation deaths (25 million). Annual African deaths from diarrhoea (1. 2 million), Malaria deaths (431k) 93% of malaria deaths are in Africa. See Statista and WHO
(African malaria deaths set to dwarf covid-19 fatalities as pandemic hits control efforts, WHO warns)
African continent CoVid-19 deaths=155k African American deaths=98k
Out of the 1. 2 million CoVid deaths in Latin America 21% are blacks.
Which makes Africans the highest CoVid deaths by race.

Ethang5 mocking India over CoVid has reversed Karma on Africans for the worse. See WHO report.

Delta variant drives Africa COVID threat to "whole new level": WHO warns; "dominant" in Europe by August

1 July 2021

With cases now doubling in Africa every three weeks, The Delta variant of COVID-19 has spread to 16 countries and it is present in three of the five nations reporting the highest caseloads. The variant is the most contagious yet - up to 60% more transmissible than other variants.
Along with Alpha and Beta, Delta is fuelling an aggressive third wave across Africa, With case numbers climbing faster than all earlier peaks, According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO experts warned on Thursday that the numbers have increased for six consecutive weeks, Up by 25% last week, Reaching 202, 000 positive cases. Deaths also rose by 15% across 38 African countries, To nearly 3, 000.

Young adults hit

The Delta variant, Initially identified in India, Is now dominant in South Africa, Which accounted for more than half of Africa"s cases last week. Moreover, The variant was detected in 97% of the samples sequenced in Uganda and 79% of those sequenced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The variant also seems to be fueling illness among young adults. According to WHO experts. In Uganda for example, 66% of severe illness in people younger than 45, Is attributed to Delta.

"The speed and scale of Africa"s third wave is like nothing we"ve seen before. The rampant spread of more contagious variants pushes the threat to Africa up to a whole new level. More transmission means more serious illness and more deaths, So everyone must act now and boost prevention measures to stop an emergency becoming a tragedy, " said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO"s regional director for Africa.

Less than 2% of Africa"s 1. 3 billion people have received even one dose of a vaccine. Your SPCA donations can still save the African animals. Their numbers are expected to grow as more Africans succumb to CoVid delta.

Harikrish biblical scholar and spiritual leader.

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