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Hindu Morons Were Praying For Him

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11/10/2020 12:12:57 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The idiot prophet tells us about American politics.

Was India's sinking to worst in corona virus infections also inevitable?

Oh, Sorry, You don't talk about shithole India, Or shithole Hinduism.

Lol. The moron prophet.
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11/10/2020 5:21:23 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
ethang5 wrote:
The idiot prophet tells us about American politics.

Was India's sinking to worst in corona virus infections also inevitable?

Oh, Sorry, You don't talk about shithole India, Or shithole Hinduism.

Lol. The moron prophet.

Two years ago Harikrish had called trump's views racist and anti-Christian.
Feb 2018, Harikrish wrote:
Donald Trump once again has voiced his racist, And anti-Christian, Views regarding immigrants, People of color, And the poor. Multiple sources, Republican and Democrat, Have confirmed that the president denigrated immigrants from what he called 'shithole' countries: Haiti, El Salvador, And every country in Africa. Then, He confirmed his racial bias, Saying we should bring more people from Norway, An overwhelmingly white country.

Trump all African countries are Shithole countries comments.
https://www. Theguardian. Com/us-news/2018/jan/12/unkind-divisive-elitist-international-outcry-over-trumps-shithole-countries-remark
https://www. Nbcnews. Com/politics/white-house/trump-referred-haiti-african-countries-shithole-nations-n836946
https://qz. Com/1179889/trump-shithole-comment-south-africas-statement-demanding-an-official-explanation-of-trumps-comment/
https://youtu. Be/0jOBtUh5Yow

Are we a Shithole country2 Botswana asks US

How world leaders reacted to Trump's Shithole comments.
http://www. Businessinsider. Com/reactions-around-the-world-to-trump-shithole-comments-2018-1

Letter from Botswana government.
https://pbs. Twimg. Com/media/DTVd2kkW4AA8xyy? Format=jpg

Where is the Christian outrage to Trumps African Shithole comments?
The Christian Right still support Trump.

Christianity played a major role in African slavery. Are we going to see a repeat in Christian history from endorsing African slavery to endirsing all African countries are shithole countries.

white butt-licking Africans are full of praises for white people visiting their country. Oct 2018

See butt-licker nigger Ethang5 praising Mrs Trump during her visit to Ghana October 2018.

Ethang5 wrote: I had the pleasure of meeting the super beautiful First Lady of our great nation. She was funny, Kind, And treated us like real people.

To my great honor, I was able to assist on some small errand for her. What a privilege! My daughters met her too. It was a thing to remember for all of us. What a classy lady.

With the economy going the way it is, And foreign policy going the way it is, I think I'll keep Trump with just the qualities he has. Darlings of Europe are a dime a dozen. Good presidents are rarer and vastly more valuable.
Africans turned to licking cows backside after slavery was abolished.
See video.
https://youtu. Be/n8PYozPB-8I

But when it came to his wife and family.
Ethang5 claims his 3 daughters are illegitimate bastards and people find his wife illiterate.
Ethang5 wrote: Jesus does not sell His slaves, We are His forever. My kids are owned by Jesus also. After all, He created them.

So you had nothing to do with your childrens birth. Jesus is now creating bastardized children like Ethang's 3 daughters

You cannot ask Ethang's wife to explain why her 3 daughters are illegitimate bastards. She is semi illiterate according to Ethang.
Ethang5 wrote: lol. In some places, Like some parts of Yemen and Sudan, They don't even believe she's graduated high school.
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7/16/2021 7:17:38 PM
Posted: 6 months ago
Nigger Ethang5 is the most ignorant low IQ nigger in DDO history.

Here he is claiming there are more infections in India than the entire world. That is a total lie. His mental illness from all that poop eating in Ghana is clouding his mind.

India ranks behind USA in cases and deaths. And behind Brazil in deaths. Hardly the title for more infections in India than the entire world.

Nigger Ethang5 had been repeatedly reminded Africans are dying in the millions from AIDS, starvation and civil wars.

Africans leads the world in AIDS deaths(100 mil), African starvation deaths (25 million). Annual African deaths from diarrhoea (1.2 million), malaria deaths (431k) 93% of malaria deaths are in Africa. See Statista and WHO
(African malaria deaths set to dwarf covid-19 fatalities as pandemic hits control efforts, WHO warns)
African continent CoVid-19 deaths=155k African American deaths=98k
Out of the 1.2 million CoVid deaths in Latin America 21% are blacks.
Which makes Africans the highest CoVid deaths by race.

Ethang5 mocking India over CoVid has reversed Karma on Africans for the worse. See WHO report.

Delta variant drives Africa COVID threat to "whole new level": WHO warns.

1 July 2021
With cases now doubling in Africa every three weeks, The Delta variant of COVID-19 has spread to 16 countries and it is present in three of the five nations reporting the highest caseloads. The variant is the most contagious yet - up to 60% more transmissible than other variants.
Along with Alpha and Beta, Delta is fuelling an aggressive third wave across Africa, With case numbers climbing faster than all earlier peaks, According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO experts warned on Thursday that the numbers have increased for six consecutive weeks, Up by 25% last week, Reaching 202, 000 positive cases. Deaths also rose by 15% across 38 African countries, To nearly 3, 000.

Young adults hit

The Delta variant, Initially identified in India, Is now dominant in South Africa, Which accounted for more than half of Africa"s cases last week. Moreover, The variant was detected in 97% of the samples sequenced in Uganda and 79% of those sequenced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The variant also seems to be fueling illness among young adults. According to WHO experts. In Uganda for example, 66% of severe illness in people younger than 45, Is attributed to Delta.

"The speed and scale of Africa"s third wave is like nothing we"ve seen before. The rampant spread of more contagious variants pushes the threat to Africa up to a whole new level. More transmission means more serious illness and more deaths, So everyone must act now and boost prevention measures to stop an emergency becoming a tragedy, " said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO"s regional director for Africa.
Countries with the worst quality of life.
17 countries with the worst quality of life, majority of them are African countries.

17. Ivory Coast " 48.97. We begin with the Ivory Coast in West Africa, a country which scores just 35.43 on the SPI's "personal rights" metric, thanks in part to two civil wars in the last 14 years alone.

16. Mozambique " 47.96. One of the big problems Mozambique faces is water and sanitation, a sub-index it scores a worrying 19.95 in. The country suffered a brutal 15-year? civil war which ended in the early 1990s, but thankfully it has been relatively stable since then.

15. Cameroon " 47.22. Another West African country, Cameroon is a former British and French colony, and President Paul Biya is known for being an authoritarian. It suffers from bad pollution, with just 41.37 on the SPI "environmental quality" metric.

14. Nigeria " 46.49. It's West Africa again, and despite Nigeria's natural resources making it the 20th largest economy in the world, social progress is slow. It scores just 32.45 on "tolerance and inclusion" sub-index.

13. Mali " 46.24. Another West African country plagued by political upheaval thanks to Islamist rebels and Tuareg military coups, Mali suffers from low "personal freedom and choice," scoring just 34.16 on that index.

12. Mauritania " 46.08. 20% of Mauritanians live on less than $1.25 per day according to the United Nations, and that is reflected in Mauritania's woeful "opportunity" sub-index score of 30.1.

11. Madagascar " 45.91. Citizens of Madagascar " an island off of the coast of south-west Africa " are very poor, with 90% of its inhabitants surviving on less than $2 a day. Water and sanitation are a particularly bad, with a sub-index score of just 15.91.

10. Liberia " 45.07. Liberia means "land of the free" in Latin, but that is not reflected in its SPI ranking, which scores only 41.44 on the "tolerance and inclusion" index. This is partly down to two vicious civil wars over the last three decades, as well as Ebola outbreaks.

9. Sierra Leone " 44.22. Another West African nation plagued by civil war and Ebola outbreaks, the SPI lists housing as a major problem for Sierra Leone, scoring just 27.65 on the "shelter" index because of dangerously low electricity? supplies.

8. Ethiopia " 43.50. Over to East Africa now, Ethiopia endured civil war and communist purges in the 70s and 80s, devastating its economy. Though it's made a bit of a recovery, its access to information and communications index scores a terrible 34.57.

7. Yemen " 41.76. Moving to the Middle East, Yemen was ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world by Transparency International. Yemen scores low on every sub-index, but access to advanced education is really terrible at only 5.29.

6. Guinea " 41.66. Back in West Africa, Guinea suffered from serious Ebola outbreaks, while its government has been accused by the UN of major human rights violations. Its "personal freedom and choice" sub-index scores just 33.73.

5. Niger " 41.63. Niger is a landlocked country in North Africa and droughts are a major problem. The SPI ranks its "water and sanitation" sub-index at only 22.19, which has lead to devastating food shortages and famines.

4. Angola " 39.70. Moving down to the south-west coast of Africa, Angola has large mineral and petroleum reserves, but his has not translated to a much better life for its people. The country scores just 25.65 on the "opportunity" index, implying far too many struggle to find work and get ahead.

3. Chad " 36.38. Chad is one of the oldest civilisations in the world, with evidence of human activity dating back to 7000 BC. Sadly its population suffers a great deal today, especially on the "nutrition and medical care" sub-index, which the SPI gives just 44.

2. Ghana. Ghana is a typical example of the world's worst-managed economies: It's a country that shouldn't be poor, but it is. The West African nation's gross domestic product per capita fell 9% last year to $621, ranking it 154th out of 184 countries tracked by the International Monetary Fund, below resource-impoverished Haiti. With a $3 billion trade deficit last year and $4.9 billion in external debt, Ghana is struggling to pay its bills

1. Central African Republic " 30.03. The country with the lowest standard of living for its citizens is the Central African Republic (CAR), according to the SPI. Its scores are low across the board, from water, shelter, nutrition, and education. The worst is the "personal rights," sub-index at only 2.27, suggesting that even if a nation is resource-rich " CAR has huge mineral and oil reserves " not everyone benefits.

Worst countries to live in 2021.

Here are the 10 countries with the lowest human development indexes:

1. Niger (0.354)
2. Central African Republic (0.367)
3. South Sudan (0.388)
4. Chad (0.404)
5. Burundi (0.417)
6. Sierra Leone (0.419)
7. Burkina Faso (0.423)
8. Mali (0.427)
9. Liberia (0.435)
10. Mozambique (0.437)

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