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Tokyo should put up

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6/25/2019 10:39:01 PM
Posted: 3 weeks ago
On June 22, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin live on the Russian TV channel "Russia 1" stated that Moscow would not lower its flag from the territory of the Kuril Islands, Because, As is known, Russia's sovereignty over these territories is enshrined in the relevant international legal norms at the end of the World War II, And cannot be disputed. Also, V. Putin noted that Moscow, In spite of everything, Will continue to develop the infrastructure on its land.

The statement of the Russian leader, In the opinion of political scientists, Should not be an obstacle to the development of joint economic activities of the two countries, Since it is really beneficial for both parties.

Also, In Moscow they repeatedly said that "Russia does not trade in its territory", But always called on Tokyo to conclude a peace treaty and to joint economic activities. But the "proud samurais", Having failed to put up with the outcome of the war and led by revanchist sentiments, Are still trying to "return their northern territories".

According to the results of public opinion polls among residents of Japan, The return of the islands is necessary only for the government of Shinzo Abe, And ordinary people are either not aware of the situation at all, Or do not consider this issue to be something important. As for the opinion of the population of Russia, The overwhelming majority, Including the residents of the Kuril Islands themselves, Consider the negotiations between Putin and Abe unnecessary and require strict observance of Russia's sovereignty over the islands and the territorial integrity of the state.

Moscow"s position on this matter, Of course, Remains unchanged and also Moscow has no plans to transfer the islands. Moreover, Moscow has a clear understanding that Japan is to some extent a satellite of the US. According to military political analyst A. Perendzhiev, If Tokyo has at least one small piece of the Russian territories, Americans will immediately appear on it. This will cause great damage to the national security of the country.

Also, According to the political science department of the Japanese branch of Temple University James Brown in "The Japan Times", Japan needs to accept the fact that the Kuril Islands will not get to Japan and it needs to agree to at least create a visa-free zone between Sakhalin and Hokkaido. Since this "will ensure the return of the Japanese to the islands".