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Eddie Gallagher Innocent!

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7/3/2019 7:16:06 AM
Posted: 2 weeks ago
Good news!

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher not guilty of murder in ISIS detainee's death

This proves that the US military is not yet completely in the hands of idiot politically correct buffoons.

Gallagher's wife said the verdict meant her family was "finally vindicated" after being "terrorized" by a government that her husband had fought for.

"He's fought every major enemy of the United States. He is a righteous and noble individual, " Andrea Gallagher said outside court Tuesday.

"I think this whole thing is disgusting.

Gallagher's wife is absolutely correct. It is a travesty that this hero had to go through this nonsense.

The defense portrayed Gallagher as an "old-school, Hard-charging warrior" who was targeted by younger "millennial" SEALs who harbored "personal animosity" toward him.

Of course. Progressive idiots who would allow ISIS into our country and place them on the government dole.

Several SEALs testified under immunity that they took pictures with the body with Gallagher. One of them described it as a "trophy photo" to celebrate the success of the mission.

And that is how our warriors should be. Hard, Tough, Motivated by victory, Scornful of the enemies of America. Were I president, Eddie Gallagher would have gotten a medal, Not a court marshal.

Gallagher is professionally trained, Handsome, Tall, And fit, I hope his future is bright.

To all those idiot soldiers who were weeping over the ISIS scum they killed, The next time you're in Syria or Afghanistan, Go tell them how much you love them an how much you sympathize with their cause. Morons.
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7/3/2019 7:34:12 AM
Posted: 2 weeks ago
Can't say I've really been following the trial, But I don't think that trophy photos ought to be encouraged. Or mistreatment of POWs. I've never so much been in a fistfight in my life, So it's hard for me to imagine what it's like for people truly in the midst of a war for months or years on end. But while it's understandable how people degrade in that type of situation, I think it still not ought be encouraged. I don't think It's right to dehumanize the enemy, No matter how much they may seem to deserve it. If at the least because it serves to dehumanize us.