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About Me:Greetings! I am a first generation Vietnamese. I entered college as a philosopher, but came out as an engineer. Life is funny that way. I still love philosophy from logic, epistemology, and metaphysics. Do you know what you know and how do you know? I love learning and I look forward to debating a disagreement to see a new perspective and in turn, I hope you are open to a new perspective as well. Learning is by having an open mind to accept and question what is new. Having a closed mind is the delusion of knowing everything.
Activities:Astronomy, cooking, history, politics, science, and technology. I love stories and reading as it gives me a new perspective on life. From stories, you can learn years of experiences of trial and error that is condense into a shorter time span. As a single human today, we have the capability of more power and knowledge than hundreds of humans, a hundred years ago. This is all thanks to the progress in history of what works. Social movements, science, and technology. Time is moving forward and so should people.
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The Earth is flat.


Dublin Bay is a horseshoe shape which spans about 6.2 miles. Standing at sea level using binoculars you can clearly see waves crashing against the shore on the far side of the bay. How is this possible if the horizon line is 2.9 miles?...

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Most Truth in reality is in the middle of two extreme options


This argument is about whether or not this statement is true: "Most truths in reality are not Black and White. Rather, most truth is somewhere in the middle of two extremes." When talking about 'black and white' and 'extremes' it refers to two very polar viewpoints on a topics truth in reality. For example, some persons take the stance that we live in a reality where good and evil are very black and white and there are actions that are absolutely evil and actions that are absolutely good. Diff...

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The governors of the United States are justified in rejecting Syrian refugees


In the recent events of the horrific tragic in Paris, France of November 13, 2015, the Republican governors are rejecting Syrian refugee settlements in the United States. These states include, but are not limited to Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wisconsin. The Democratic governor of New Hampshire has joined in on this rejection.I shall be taking the side of con in t...

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the usa should ban most guns and confiscate them


as the oxford link indicates, a gun is a danger to yourself and those around you... you're more likely to be shot or to kill with a gun. most people can accept this much. but then the next step is imagine lots of people with guns. wouldnt be common sense to expect more murders? that's what the evidence indicates, not just common sense. more guns means more overall homicide;would you be open to this if it could reduce murders by say, eighty percent?i reluctantly...

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