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Rattlesnake Roundups Should Be Banned: Change My Mind


In my opinion, rattlesnake roundups should be changed severely, or else banned entirely. The reasons I am not totally for banning them is because they do have positive economic effects. Also, when the roundup is just catch-and-release, it makes sense and seems fine. However, when talking about the traditional event of rounding up rattlesnakes in the hundreds or thousands, and killing them in a public display as a "family-friendly" event, things need to change. First, let's talk about rattlesn...

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Henry VIII of England was a good king (3)


As you can see, this is the third time that I have attempted to debate this subjuect. The first time, my opponent totally trolled and the second time my opponent forfeited. Therefore I am hoping to have a civil debate about this for once.The premise for this debate is: Henry VIII was overall a positive influence on England during his reign. I will take the Pro position of the premise, while my opponent will obviously take the Con position. The debate structure will be generic, with the...

Post Voting Period
Updated 4 Years Ago

Factory Farming Animals is Immoral


First round is for acceptance. Today I will be arguing that factory farming animals is immoral. BOP is on me. Definition of factory farming: "a system of rearing livestock using intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions." Good luck! (:...

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Do Post 9/11 securities outweigh the losses of personal freedom?


Firstly, I am researching this topic in a debate for school in a week, where I am pro post 9/11 security measures. I would like to see what it would be like to be on the opposing side so that I can better prepare for rebuttal. I am hoping for a great debate with whoever my opponent is! My first argument will focus on the TSA which arose right after 9/11. Firstly I would say that there is too much money being wasted on security measures, as TSA has cost the nation's taxpayers over 1 trillion d...

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Are prisoners receiving more benefits than tax paying citizens?


Are prisoners receiving more benefits than tax paying citizens? YES, many prisoners receive WAYYYY more benefits than tax paying citizens. It's ridiculous. Prisoners receive free tv/Internet, free medical/health care, free college tuition, and free food! It's crazy! Why should people who are being punished receive all of these luxuries and why should people who aren't being punished have to pay taxes to help support this?...

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