Help Version 2.1 Released! | July 29th, 2013

July 29, 2013 2.1 was released today. Key features of this release include:

  1. New Personalization Settings

    Members will now have the ability to customize and personalize several aspects of their exeprience on There is a new tab in Account > Settings > Personalization that will provide members the options below:

    • Customizable Homepage Module
    • Customize the content you would like to see on the homepage while logged in. You now have the ability to customize the content that displays at the top right of the DDO homepage when you are logged in. You can create a module that features debates in the voting period, open debate challenges, new opinions and more. To modify this you can go to the Personalization tab or click the gear icon located beneath the homepage module.

    • Enable or Disable the Peristent Navigation Bar
    • Determine whether you want the site's top navigation bar to scroll with you as you scroll down the longer pages of the site. By default, the persistent header is on, but you can go to your settings and change this at any time.

    • Enable or Disable the Persistent Opinions Bar
    • On the Opinion Topic pages, once users scroll past a certain point on the page, we present a module at the top of the page that provides easy access to the question and the Yes/No buttons. By default, this will be active but can be changed by adjusting your settings in the Personalization tab.

    • Solid or Patterned Site Background
    • Currently the site has a solid, light gray background. Members can choose to change the background to a dotted, patterned background. The default is set to a solid background.

  2. New Leaderboards

    We have created three new leaderboards, debate voting, forums, and opinions leaderboards. These can be accessed from the People page or via the link in the top right corner of each of the main section pages.

  3. Header Notification Update

    The notification alerts that you receive in the header have been updated. You will receive a new alert when a new notification comes in, however, the alert will go away after you click to view the notification pop out. You will no longer have to clear notifications or delete them in order to make the number alert disappear, it will disappear once you have viewed it from the header.

  4. Voting Notifications

    For those who are eligible to vote, we have created daily notifications in aggregate or by category of new debates in the voting period. The notifications will appear in your dashboard each day alerting you to new debates to enter the voting period. You can choose to receive one notification per day for new debates in all categories OR you can select the individual debate categories that most interest you. To customize which notifications you receive, log into your account and go to Account > Settings > Notifications. Again, this is only applicable to members who have voting priviliges. To check your voting status, go to your Voting Priviliges tab in your account. For more information about voting, visit our FAQs or read How to Vote.

  5. Reporting Votes

    Members will now have the ability to report votes. Reporting a vote will notify a moderator to review the vote to determine whether it should be removed or remain intact.

  6. Updated Debate Setup Options

    When choosing an opponent, you can now specify a minimum and maximum number of completed debates. This has replaced the dropdown that only allowed you to select ranges.

    We have added a new 10 day voting period window. While the 3 day voting period option still exists, the 10 day option will now be the default for all debates unless changed.

    There are now two additional options for maximum characters per round. Members can, if they choose to, opt for a 9,000 character or 10,000 character limit per round.

  7. Debate Challenge Tie-Ins for Opinions

    On each individual Opinion Topic, members now have the option to start a debate directly from that page. This will make it that much easier to create debates driectly from Opinion topics.

    Members can now challenge each other directly from individual opinion arguments. We have added a "Challenge" link at the bottom of each opinion argument allowing you to easily challenge specific members to a debate based off of their opinion argument.

  8. New Debate Page Filters

    The main Debates page has new filters to make finding debates you want to interact with a much easier task. We have replaced the current sorting tabs with filters that filter the debate list by debate period. Now members can easily locate debates in the challenge period or voting period without using the advanced search or top menu dropdown. The pre-existing sorting options have been moved to a dropdown allowing you to sort the debates within the filtered tab by any of those options, e.g. comments, votes, created on, updated, etc.

  9. Forum Reply Notifications

    You will now receive notifications when a member replies directly to one of your forum posts. The notification will show up in your dashboard as well as the top notifications bar and will take you directly to the new post. You will have the ability to enable or disable these notifications by logging into your account and go to Account > Settings > Notifications.

  10. Forum Post Anchor Links

    Each individual forum post will now have an anchor link allowing you to direct members to a specific post instead of an entire forum thread or page. A small, hyperlinked number has been added to the left of member names at the top of each individual forum post.

  11. Favorite Opinion Topics

    Members will now have the ability to add specific Opinion topics to their "Favorites" list. Each Opinion Topic page will had an "Add to My Favorites" link. We have added another tab within the Favorites section of your account. You will be able to manage your "favorited" Opinion topics in a similar fashion to favorite forum threads or debates.

  12. A Few Other Updates

    • The Forum Post Count listed in the Activity Stats of member profiles is now a link.

    • New message notifications will now also display in the account menu rail.

    • Added a new section within Help where we will post information about Site Updates.

    • Font used in the "add new post" text box has been updated to the site's default font.

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