Help Version 2.2 Released! | September 3rd, 2013

September 3, 2013 2.2 was released today. Key features of this release include:

  1. Polls

    Members will now have the ability to create polls in a variety of categories. Polls are a simple way to gauge interest on topics, survey potential debate opponents and provide a good segue into longer form debates and opinions. There are a few noteworthy things about polls.

    • • Only members can create and vote on polls, there will be no anonymous posting.
    • • Polls can be left opened or set to close at a specific date and time. You can also allow other members to add answers to the poll.
    • • Members only get one vote per poll. The point of the poll is to select the favorite and/or winning answer. As such, members have to select the best answer from the poll.
    • • You have the option to leave a comment with your vote, if you want to explain why you chose the particular answer.
    • • Similar to opinions, an image is required to create a poll topic.
    • • You can add a description with your poll topics if you want to provide context or criteria for the voting.

    There are three types of polls that members can create.

    • List Poll
    • A list poll is a standard poll that allows for multiple answers that a member can choose to vote on. A list poll can

    • Image Poll
    • An image poll is similar to a list poll in that there can be multiple answer options. The distinction is the layout and the purpose of the poll. An image poll focuses more on the images as the answers. This would be used if you wanted to compare things that are more visual in nature, e.g. best drawing, best painting, etc.

    • Faceoff Poll
    • A faceoff poll is when there are only two options to choose from, essentially pitting two things against one another for voting. An example of this type would be, Pepsi vs. Coke.

    Polls were created with the ability to receive notifications. You can control which notifications you receive by going to the Notifications tab in your account settings. There is also a polls leaderboard that will showcase the most active members within that section.

  2. New Debate & Opinion Categories

    We have added new categories to the Debate and Opinion sections. Members can now debate and post their opinions in the following categories: Cars, Fashion, Funny, Movies, Music, People, Places-Travel, and TV. Be the first to start a debate or opinion topics in those categories!

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