Help Version 2.3 Released! | September 19th, 2013

September 19, 2013 2.3 was released today. Key features of this release include:

  1. Consolidated Notifications

    We have adjusted the logic that triggers notification alerts in your header bar. Now, instead of receiving an individual notification for every action, we are grouping similar notifications together. For example, if you create a poll, instead of getting a notification for each person who votes on your poll, you will get one consolidated notification that will update each time a new person votes on your poll. This will decrease the number of alerts you receive and make the notifications more useful.

  2. Seamless Browsing

    On the opinion and poll topics, we have added a browsing arrow on the right and left sides of the page. These arrows allow you to preview the next poll or opinion in the category list and navigate directly to it. This will allow members to browse the site in a more intuitive way. Right now, this functionality only exists for opinions and polls, but we are looking in to ways to extend it to forums and debates to provide the best experience.

  3. Opinion Argument Sorting Options

    When reading an opinion, users now have the ability to sort the arguments on either side by a variety of options. You will now have the ability to sort by date created, most likes, and most replies. The sorting dropdowns are located next to the percentage breakdowns on either side of the page.

  4. Keep Me Logged In

    We have brought back the "Remember Me" functionality so now members who check that box upon logging in, will continue to be signed in even after closing browsers.

  5. Sign In With Twitter

    Users now have the ability to sign up using their Twitter account and/or connect their existing account to their Twitter login.

  6. Other Notable Updates
    • Opinion & Poll Page UI Adjustments
    • Header Bar Optimized for Mobile
    • Plus a variety of small bug fixes.

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