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Caucuses should not be used in determining candidates for President in the USA


Caucuses are unfair and should not be used in determining candidates for president in either party, in any state. 1) Caucuses, unlike primaries, do not use popular vote in determining the winner. Thus, it is possible for the candidate who a majority of people vote for president to lose. Most similar to the electoral college, caucuses should not be used because they dont show what a majority of the people want, which is the point of having elections. I will bring up more arguements after...

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Mike Huckabee for President???


I dont think so. Has anyone taken a closer look at this guy? The only reason so many people support him is because of his relgious stance. Everything else that comes out of his mouth is either insane, liberal, or both. How can anyone ever think that a man who supports removing people with AIDS from society and wants to find a 'cure' for homosexuality. He is so bold as to say his bump in the polls is because God wants him to be president? I dont buy it and frankly, he scares me....

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Religious music should not be sung by elementary school choirs


From experience i remember singing relgious church hyms in my elementary school choir. Even though i am jewish, i was instructed to sing songs praising jesus christ as our savior and the only true god (not saying this isnt true) THere are many points to suggest children should not be singing religious music in school choirs 1) the message of the song may be conflicting with the respective childs religion. It should not be allowed to make a child sing a song about something they do not b...

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The Madeline Mccann kidnapping was abused and exaggerated by the media, which led to harm.


On. May 4th, 2007 Madeline Mccann was reported snatched from the ground story of her condo at a resort in southern portugal, while her two-year-old twin brothers and her were sleeping, and her parents were out of the condo eating dinner. Immediately, with at first positive help from the parents, aired multiple stories about the kidnapping on british and portuguese television. Soon after, the media attached itself to the story and reported every move by the police, speech by the Mccanns, and rema...

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Gummy Bears are Superior to Gummy Worms.


There are many different types of candies in the world: chocolate, peanut butter, fruit, nugget, caramel, and tons of others. By far the best candy in the world is a gummy -- but unfortunately there are two prominent types of gummy, the bear and the worm. With one type of gummy being the superior of the two, and that is the gummy bear. The gummy bear has many advantages over the gummy worm, also it does not exhibit the same harms that a worm does. First and foremost, we must look at their rep...

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