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Ideology:Liberal Education:Bachelors Degree
Party:Democratic Party Ethnicity:White
Relationship:Single Income:Not Saying
Interested:in Women Occupation:Not Saying
Looking:No Answer Religion:Christian - Catholic
About Me:Former Vice President to the Mikal administration and DDO Hall of Fame member. If you look at my Bio it mentions trolling 8 times and my debating skills only once, so that alone summarizes what kind of member I am. I dont really do actual debates anymore just because I got exhausted after doing about 600 and winning about 80% of them. You can usually find me in the forums providing cheap entertainment to those who come by any of my posts, occasionally I will be locked into some flame war with a complete idiot. Either way, feel free to sit around and enjoy the show ;)
Activities:I usually will go and see a movie every now and then but as of right now my activity is being a college student
Beliefs:I believe in anything thats not ridiculous, and sometimes I will even make an exception, because if I didnt, then it would be ridiculous.
Books:Dont really read books any more even though I was a massive nerd for the Harry Potter series..... I can probably read any book that doesnt involve love sick vampires who cant get their priorities straight though.
Movies:Frozen..... I love a lot of movies, but I have a crippling, unhealthy everlasting addiction to the movie Frozen. Ask anyone on here what my favorite movie was, they will no doubt remember that it's Frozen. Frozen is love. Frozen is life.
Music:Anything thats not rap, though if you stole my phone and looked at the songs I have on it, you would think I was a 16 year old girl, cause its full of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and a few ACDC songs to preserve my masculinity ;D
Quotes:"Who are you" - someone
"Im a bench" - my usual response

"Why is your name Imabench?" - Someone
"My last name in real life is bench, so technically Im a bench" - My response
Sports Teams:Baseball: Red Sox, though I dont follow baseball like, AT ALL. Football: Im actually a Jaguars fan since I moved close to Jacksonville recently XD, Hockey: Couldnt care less about hockey. Basketball: Miami Heat (Yes we miss Lebron)
TV Shows:The Daily Show, I miss the Colbert Report like hell, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and any show on Comedy Central since thats really the only channel I get on my TV down at the University of Miami. SportsCenter too
University of Miami, Undergraduate Class of 2015
Miami, Florida, United States

Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders Rap Battle, 600th Debate Spectacular


Welcome everyone to my 600th and final debate here on DDO. I have been wanting to retire from debating on this site for some time as many people probably don't care that much about, so I earmarked this, #600, to be my final debate. To celebrate the landmark occasion I have decided to host a political rap battle with the one and only Airmax1227, since only he has both the rap battle skills and the worthiness to throw down in this, my 600th and final debate I'm Imabench and I will be repre...

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Frozen is better than Star Wars 7


For my 598th debate, I shall argue that the 2013 movie 'Frozen' is overall better than 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'. Con shall argue that Star Wars 7 is 'overall 'better than Frozen. Overall in this case is defined as 'in a majority of cases', meaning that one movie doesnt have to be better than the other in every measurable means of comparison, it merely has to be better in a majority of those measurable means that are brought up in the debate3 rounds24 hours between rounds Character limit of...

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The Hokey Pokey is What its All About


The Hokey Pokey is what its all about.First round is for acceptance, Second round opening arguments,Third round is for rebuttalsFourth round is for more rebuttals and concluding argumentsLets do this. This debate is existentially necessary. We absolutely have to do this right now....

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bat man or superman

bat man...

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Australia needs to do its fair share in accepting Syrian refugees


I don't believe Australia needs to do its fair share in accepting Syrian refugees....

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