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About Me:I am 16, very liberal, and very politically active. I am going to be a defense attorney. I am enough of an idealist to believe that we can change the world for the better, but enough of a realist to know it won't be easy. The quote is from Clarence Darrow, but I didn't have enough characters left to attribute it.
Beliefs:"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." -from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty International
Quotes:"I have fought my battles not against the weak and the poor- anybody can do that- but against power, against injustice, against oppression, and I have asked no odds from them, and I never shall."

In the United States, true intent ought to have a higher weight in court than ends.


Opera singer Andrea Bocelli once quipped, "All that counts in life is intention." Because I believe this statement holds true in the United States courtroom, I espouse Bocelli's quote and the PRO side of this resolution, which states: RESOLVED: In the United States, true intent ought to have a higher weight in court than ends. Before I begin, I offer the following DEFINITIONS to clarify the round: TRUE: real; genuine; authentic INTENT: purpose; design; intention OUGHT: (used to exp...

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There should be a 'Moment of Truth: Election 08 edition'


If you don't know of the new tv show "Moment of Truth", its the game show were people are attached to a lie detector and asked extremly personal questions about their thoughts and previous actions. I think that they should challenge the presidential candidates of 08 to come and do it. If they are really a trustworth candidate, they should have no problem with it. Then the people could really see what the candidates are made off. My Reasons: after all the years of electing our president,from Was...

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Flag burning should be banned.


Flag burning is a type of civil disobedience. It does not hurt anyone and can be an effective method of protest. Banning flag-burning violates the first ammendment. Although burning the flag can be considered disrespectful, that does not mean it should be illegal....

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Child molesters should be tortured to death.


Child molesters should be tortured to death and die the most painful and agonizing death possible. That's all...

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Should people convicted of a crime be able to appeal on grounds of actual innocence?


I had this idea for my bill for Youth & Government next year. The law would allow convicted criminals to appeal on the grounds of actual innocence, but to file such an appeal they would have to swear under penalty of perjury that they are innocent, and any lawyer who knowingly representes a guilty client on such an appeal would be guilty of suborning perjury. As it is now, a criminal cannot appeal just because they are innocent. So say your lover was murdered. Your DNA is on them because you...

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