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My hypothesis is that Debate.Org is part of the Proganda Machine. Reasons: 1. Today what sparked me to open this debate up was when I was updated my profile. I came across Presidental Candidate preference, where a long list of people came up. But to my shocking surprise, the republican Presidental Candidate for the 2008 elections who made it to the last three was not on the option list. That Presidental candidate who recieved more donations from active and un active military, recieved the mo...

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Civil Rights in businesses does nothing more then mask the problem and should be abolished.


I believe civil rights should be done away with when it comes to businesses. I believe that businesses should have the choice to hire or fire anyone for any reason. If a business does not want to hire or serve a particular race or age or gender of people then that should be completely up to the business. For example a law that forces a white racist to serve black people against his will only masks the still present racist feelings in the white owner. Now black people are going to the business an...

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Making room to put a nutrition class in grade school through high school.


people should know how to take care of their body so they can prevent the majority of diseases and cancers and get off of the dependency of pharmoseutical companies or cold hearted pill pushers which ever name you prefer. Maybe not all but my overall view of pharmosuetical companies is pretty negative because they choose not to spend any money on commercials or info on prevention. they have the knowledge and power yet choose to take advantage of people and thier money....

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Taking the word GOD out of all things pertaining to government e.g. "pledge of alligence" dollar bil


there should not be any mentioning of the word god when it comes to government. this is not one nation under god becaue i do not believe in god yet i am apart of this nation that i was born in. i herd that originally there was never any mentioning of god and that it was placed into our currency and our pledge of alliegence by some religious people, though i have no proof for that claim nor the desire right now to look it up but it sound right to me. wheather some people like it or not not everyb...

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If a business wants to allow smoking then the so be it, government should stay out!


People do not have to go to a business it is thier choice. though it may be more convienent for people includding my self to eat in a smoke free environment that doesn't make it right. The right sollution is for people to ask the resteruant owner to make it a rule that their is to be no smoking if the smoke is bothering them or find another resteruant. And if there is no other smoke free resteruant near by then people should maybe tell the owner that they will not be eating at their resteraunt a...

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