The Wage Gap isn't real


The Wage Gap is not a real issue in today's Western culture, men do not earn more than women just because they're men. First of there is a massive difference between Wages and Earnings, wages are the total amount a person gets paid annually and that is a fluctuating rate for everyone within a specific occupation based on experience and skill, whereas Earnings are the amount you receive after taxes including the tax rebates that you receive at the end of the year. The amount that one receives in...

Debating Period
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That guns should be banned in America


Hello, I will be affirming the topic that guns should be banned in America. I would like an opponent who truly believes in the second amendment. First round is to argue (and for my opponent, to respond to my arguments), second round is to respond to the opponent's arguments (no new content please). Where do I begin? Guns: I think it is safe to define a gun as a device that can kill a living human with minimal possible difficulty. My model for this ban, would be, to phase in my policy over th...

Post Voting Period
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