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Not to convince but to rethink prior assumptions


Hello AKMathI recently read a debate, That involved you. It was questioning whether or not God is perfect. My intention is not to convince you of God's existence or to harass you in any maner. I am sorry in advance if I come across offensive or obnoxious. My true intention in beginning this was that I may be able to help. I am aware that life can feel a little daunting if we envision an angry, Ruthless God and downright scary if we can think of a reason for God to be particularly angry at...

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God does exist


I would rather you start, I liked your opening round... In fact lets begin with that. You started off with your explanation of a 'reasonable definition' of a God according to you. To describe God as an omnipotent like being. (I have forgotten the three descriptions you gave prior to this debate [omnipotent, omnipresent & all loving being, I think are the descriptive words you used] its what made me want to debate you in the first place.) You then said it was unreasonable to refer to God as 'love...

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Pascals wager


I see your last debate about pascals wager did not go as intended. I was interested in the topic until I read your opponents opinions. So I would like to converse this topic with you. I will argue for pascals wager being theoretically acceptable. I read (and wish you would like to still hold your position against/con of the debate) that you think pascals wager is false or non-sensible. I hope you still wish to debate from your past position. The way I understand pascals wager is if a belie...

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Electric fans are better than air cons


Here are my reasons. 1. Fans are the right choice for those concerned about the environment. They do not produce harmful gases and they save electricity, producing much less carbon. 2. Fans cost far less to operate than an air conditioner. They are also far less expensive to buy and maintain. 3. Fans are far more transportable than air conditioners and can be used in multiple locations in the home, office or apartment. They are also easily stored after use. Thank you...

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Explanation for energy in relation to the physical realm.


If we use water for this analogy. To represent energy as well as its own liquid state. Ice to represent it's own physical state as well as all the 3 physical states (solid, liquid and gas) I'm using water for the example so it's liquid state will represent energy even though I will refer to it as water. Steam will represent the non-physical or metaphysical. Water made up of 2 parts hydrogen and oxygen. Water and ice represent energy and matta while steam (oxygen separation) will represent the co...

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